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Franklin Police advise residents to take precautions during cold front

Franklin Police Department submitted the following previous report :

This morning’s National Weather Service conference provided some insight into the approaching winter weather.
A few takeaways: 
We are looking at about 48 hours of rain, artic cold, snow, and winds. 
Today’s rain will quickly turn to snow, and our upper 40-50 degree temps this afternoon will rapidly drop at a rate of 12-15 degrees an hour, bringing winds chills between 5 and 15 degrees below zero, temperatures where exposure is very dangerous.
Today’s plummeting temperatures will freeze roadways that are already wet with rain, and then snow will fall on top of it. 
The NWS thinks that we will be dealing with a lot of travel concerns over the next couple of days, as we are not expected to see above freezing temperatures until Wednesday afternoon. 
Consider running your errands early today, and being home when this hits. This doesn’t sound like anything that you want to be caught out on the roads with when it turns bad.
Stay tuned to local media for updates on weather conditions as they unfold and be safe.

Posted on: 1/5/2014


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