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Local doctor offers cold weather tips

Dr. Jeff Suppinger, a family practitioner with Franklin Primary Care, offered some safety tips for being outdoors during frigid weather conditions:
• Make sure skin is covered—hands, face and ears—to prevent frostbite
• Dress in layers, protect your feet with sturdy water resistant shoes

• Wear a hat; a substantial amount of heat is lost when your head is exposed to low temperatures.

• Keep young children layered; a child that is smaller is going to lose heat more readily.

• Keep an extra blanket in your car and make sure cell phones are charged before traveling in frigid conditions.

• Adults need to beware that drinking alcohol causes the body to lose heat more rapidly.

• Certain medications like thyroid medicine, blood pressure medicine and sedative medications can decrease your ability to moderate your core temperature.

Posted on: 1/8/2014


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