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City of Franklin crew responds to Grassland water line break

Brown areas show streets affected.


About 400 residential and commercial property owners may be without water or have low water pressure until later tonight while a repair crew from the city of Franklin works to fix a broken water line.
Grassland businesses on Battlewood Street are improvising a bit this afternoon, but definitely still seeing customers after the water line break this morning.
A popular after-school hangout, Sonic in Grassland is open, but bottled and canned cold soft drinks are being served so that water can be conserved. Tea, made earlier in the day is available, but coffee will not be served. 
Down the street, employees at two different veterinarian offices brought in jugs of water to keep business moving forward. 
Most of the Beauchamp Animal Hospital patients, as well as those pets being cared for by Little House Animal Hospital have continued to be treated today.
Franklin’s Water Management Department services this area of the county, spokesman Milissa Reierson said. The break may have been the result of recent wet weather.  
The water line off Battlewood Street (in red on the map) had to be isolated from the 36” line in Hillsboro Road which affects close to 400 customers with low or no water pressure. 
Crews are on the scene and repairs should be complete by dark tonight.
The light brown area on the attached map shows those properties affected. The turquoise outline area is not affected.

Posted on: 1/14/2014


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