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Mardi Gras Ball tickets on sale, nominations for King and Queen announced

The 10th Annual Mardi Gras Ball benefitting My Friend’s House will be Saturday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. at Embassy Suites at Cool Springs. The cost is $125 per patron ticket with open bar included for the night. Happy Hour is from 6 to 7 p.m. with dinner at 7 p.m. followed by dancing to the tunes of the band, Biodegradable.
Tickets are on sale until Tuesday at 10 a.m.
A preview Krewe Party will be Thursday, Feb. 6 from 6:30 to 10 p.m. at BrewHouse South in Cool Springs. Admission is $20 at the door.
The Mardi Gras Ball will be a formal affair (black tie optional) with dinner, dancing, live auction and court coronation.
Four couple-nominees for the Mardi Gras Ball Court will battle each other to see who can raise the most donations for My Friend's House. The top male and female will be crowned King and Queen. For more information on tickets, voting and donations, visit Voting ends at the conclusion of the Krewe Party.

Jamie and Dana Smith, Tommy and Casey Lynch, Brian and Carla Moyer, and Aaron Leininger and Emily Moore Leininger are nominees for King and Queen.

Aaron Leininger and Emily Moore Leininger

Aaron was born and raised in Jacksonville, Illinois.  After graduating high school, he moved across the country, where he was able to work in some of the country’s most beautiful settings such as Yellowstone National Park and Steamboat Springs.  He then moved to Nashville for a short period of time before returning to school at Southern Illinois University, where he obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Engineering.  While he was in school, he met his future wife, and YOUR future Mardi Gras Queen, Emily.  He adopted her four children before they had their own baby together, thus becoming the perfect modern family.  Aaron would be honored to have your vote and become the next Mardi Gras King.  
Emily Moore Leininger
Emily was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee.  She loved the city so much that she never left.  She attended Aquinas College and Nashville School of Law.  After establishing herself in Williamson County as an up and coming family law attorney, she recently opened her own law firm, All Things Family Law.  Emily is the mother of 5 beautiful children and the wife of Awesome Aaron, who helped edit this bio.  Aaron already calls her a princess (sometimes not in a nice way), but she would love to represent My Friend’s House as the next Mardi Gras Queen.  

Brian and Carla Moyer
Brian Moyer is originally from Ohio (but grew up a Michigan fan), and has called middle Tennessee home since the age of 16.  He graduated from MTSU with a Business degree, and can’t shake the idea of an MBA at some point in the future.  He is an avid sports fan, loves the outdoors, and enjoys being around people he can learn from. 
Brian is the owner of Moyer Financial Services, an Accounting Consulting business. He launched his company after seeing a desperate need for core financial expertise in small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures.  Drawing from a past life as a guitar player in a hard rock band, his unique take on Accounting frames his approach with fun and practicality. He balances his obsessive planning with the mantra: “I hope I don’t know exactly what I’ll be doing a year from know”.  
Carla Moyer was born and raised in Nashville – hence her loud voice and strong country drawl. She grew up playing travel fast pitch softball as a pitcher and continued to play into college. Carla went to high school at John Overton and graduated with a Business Accounting Degree from Belmont University. 
Straight out of college she went to work for a local CPA firm, Puryear, Hamilton, Hausman & Wood, PLC, where she has now been for 9 years. She is a CPA serving as a Tax Manager (but promises she’s not as boring as that sounds!).  She loves to exercise (especially Zumba!), read fiction, travel and loves to spend time with her family, and friends who are like family.
Brian and Carla live in Franklin with their 4-year-old daughter Kenna.  They also hope to be adopting soon!  They both enjoy reading, spending quality time with close friends and family, traveling, enjoying good wine and food, and being involved in the local community.  They are members of GracePointe Church where Brian plays on the Praise and Worship team and Carla teaches Sunday school for 2nd and 3rd graders.  

Jamie and Dana Smith
A native of North Little Rock, Arkansas, Jamie Smith moved to Franklin over a decade ago.  He and his wife, Dana, have been blessed with five children.  
Jamie earned a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Arkansas State University.  He attended Arkansas State on a Football Athletic Scholarship, starting as Tight End for three seasons.  Jamie is still an active member of the Letterman’s Club and Past President.  He would also like to mention he enjoyed the two-year stent of the Gus Malzahn hype.
Jamie co-founded and served as COO of one of the earliest Back Yard Burger franchises in the country and twice named Franchisee of the year.  Upon the sale of the company, he entered the investment advisory business with Smith Barney in Little Rock, Arkansas in 1993.  After twenty years of experience he still enjoys the everyday interaction with his clients and currently holds the position of Vice President of Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors.
In addition, he is an active member and volunteer with United Way, Hands on Nashville, St. Jude, and American Red Cross.  Jamie is also an active member of his church and looking forward to his first Timothy’s Gift trip, a prison ministry.
Jamie spends a great deal of his time coaching his sons in youth sports leagues in Williamson County.  Usually he can be found on a baseball diamond, basketball court, soccer field, or a football field.   In his spare time his family enjoys anything outdoors, family ski trips and his infamous Annual Crawfish Boil. 

Tommy and Casey Lynch

By Ashley Lynch, 11
My dad’s name is Tommy Lynch.  He is the best dad anyone could ever ask for.  He is very important to me because he cares for me, he makes me happy when I’m sad, he feeds me, and most importantly, he loves me.
My dad, when he was a kid, loved to joke around and have fun!  He was the youngest one in his family.  He always obeyed his parents!  He was, and still is, always kind to others.  He also had many different kind of friends.  He has one friend that was his best friend in Kindergarden.  Its amazing because he is still friends with him today!
My dad LOVES to play tennis!  He has been playing ever since he was a little boy!  Most of his hobbies are playing tennis, working out, going on the boat every once and a while, and having grill-outs!  What a party animal he is!  ☺
My dad went to Purdue for college.  That is where he met my mom Julie Lynch!  They met at a bar in Indiana where Purdue’s campus was.  My mom was out with a couple of friends, when my dad was the bartender.  My mom’s friends kept on teasing her like “Tommy and Julie oo-la-la” after they had been dating for a while, my dad asked for my mom’s hand in marriage.  It was the happiest day of their lives!
My dad worked for a company called Stryker, and later got fired by his mean boss that said he wasn’t working hard enough, when he was working his bottom off! But, later he got a new job and is now working for the company called Kimberly Clark!
My dad is the best because he volunteered to coach my soccer team!  He also volunteered to coach my brothers basketball team, and volunteered to be a Sunday School teacher at my church!!  He does a lot to make me, and my siblings happy, and I just love him for that!
My dad made up a little tradition we do every time we go on a trip going somewhere!  Every time we cross a state border, we always say, for example, “We’re in Tennessee now, and now we’re in…..…..KENTUCKY!!!!!!”  That always makes me smile because we do it as a family.  I love my dad so much because he is always there for me, and he makes me smile!! ☺
MY MOM, by Casey Lynch (age 9)
My Mom’s name is Julie Lynch.  
She is very important to me because she watches out for me.  
She has played basketball and soccer.
She has built several houses before and is an engineer.
She went to Purdue University, but got her masters at the University of Tennessee.
She works at Nissan.
She is the assistant coach for my basketball team. (my dad is the coach)
My mom invented something called “Sunday Night Dinner,” and every Sunday night both families, ours and her sister’s (also known as Laura) family would get together and have dinner.
And thats my mom !!


Posted on: 1/28/2014


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