Alderman candidates disclose campaign finances ahead of Franklin election

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Franklin BOMA candidates

Franklin BOMA candidates. 

With the Franklin at-large alderman and mayoral election looming next week, candidates have filed their final campaign finance reports.

Released on Thursday, Oct. 10, the Williamson County Election Commission requires campaign finance statements be filed by candidates running for public office who receive or spend money.

The last day to vote early is Thursday, Oct. 17 at the Williamson County Election Commission Office, located at 1320 West Main Street. Election Day is Tuesday, Oct. 22 at regular polling locations.

At-Large A

Clyde Barnhill, incumbent

Barnhill received over $15,000 in contributions for the quarter, several of which were from local businessmen, friends and politicians, like Franklin Mayor Ken Moore, Alderman Scott Speedy and Sen. Jack Johnson’s PAC. He spent a little over $4,000 on campaign supplies and event space.

Balance: $14,443.52

Howard Garrett

Garrett received over $8,000 in contributions for the quarter and spent around $7,100. He has received financial contributions from both inside and outside Williamson County; notably, $1,000 from the Franklin Firefighter PAC Fund. He spent the majority of his money for the quarter on mailers and yard signs.

Balance: $3,000.37

At Large B

Brandy Blanton, incumbent

After an early start to her campaign, Blanton received $2,250 in donations for the quarter and spent $517. In addition to donations from several locals, she received the support of the Williamson County Association of Realtors with their $1,500 donation. Blanton’s expenditures include several small amounts noted as meals for poll workers.

Balance: $19,822.22

Michelle Sutton

Sutton received $6,215 in quarterly donations and spent nearly $2,400. She had a large number of smaller donations, and had expenditures for Facebook ads, banners, flyers, yard signs and campaign event supplies. 

Balance: $3,817.16

At Large C

Pearl Bransford, incumbent

Though she made no expenditures in the third quarter, Bransford received $1,850, all but $350 of which was from the Tennessee Realtors PAC.

Balance: $13,562.42

Bhavani Muuvala

Muuvala filed three documents, which run through the quarter and also include up to Oct. 12. He received $1,400 in donations from friends for the quarter and an additional $500 in loan money after the reporting period. He spent $1,371 on campaign signs, T-shirts and advertising services. Muuvala also spent $310 on Facebook ads and daily election data from the Williamson County Election Commission soon after the reporting period ended. 

Balance: $217.52

At Large D

Ann Petersen, incumbent running unopposed

With no challengers, Petersen received $650 in donations for the final quarter of the campaign and had no expenditures. Records show she does have an outstanding loan balance of $2,500.

Balance: $3,750.00


Ken Moore, incumbent running unopposed

Serving as mayor since 2011, Moore has built a network of ties throughout the state. He received a $1,500 donation from the Tennessee Realtors PAC and has expenditures for advertising, as well as contributions to each of his incumbent aldermen, Jack Johnson for state Senate, the African-American Heritage Society and a sponsorship of the Franklin Rotary at Breakfast.

Balance: $63,740

Browse through the campaign finance reports online at

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