A ribbon-cutting was held this week for a new neighborhood park at 204 Old Liberty Pike in Franklin. Leadership Franklin Class of 2017 members, Williamson Inc., the city of Franklin Parks Department, Aldermen Margaret Martin, 4th Ward, and Alderman at Large Brandy Blanton and community leaders attended the event.

Members of Leadership Franklin’s 2017 class worked with the city of Franklin to create the park in hopes to improve livability in the neighborhood by giving residents a place to sit, talk and enjoy the green space around them.   Franklin Synergy Bank sponsored benches for the park.

After the land was flooded in 2010, it was turned over to the city of Franklin with the thought that the land lying in the floodplain could never be built on.

“We wanted to partner with city parks to create a neighboring park for this area,” said Travis Dumke, one of the project members. “With it being in a floodplain, we had to figure out how to make this work.

“Our group worked with [Parks Director] Lisa Clayton and Brian Walker at the city of Franklin Parks Department to identify the need and to design the park itself.”

The city was looking to identify a usage of the land, and members of Leadership Franklin worked with city staff to design a peaceful space with benches and landscaping for the families nearby to walk to and enjoy.

Group members that participated in this project included Denise Andre, Williamson County General Sessions Court Judge; Travis Dumke, Franklin Synergy Bank; Adam Hicks, Skanska, USA; Tim Stillings, NCR Inc.;and Franklin Special School District school board member Amy Diaz-Barriga, city of Franklin.

“We took the opportunity to utilize this property to bring something good to the community that they could use and enjoy,” said Hicks.

Phase two of the project is set to include picnic tables and additional landscaping and trees that will border the property line.

“Our group could not have completed the project without the help of Blake Shelton Lawncare & Landscaping, who was contracted to complete the park,” Dumke said.

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