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Republicans take stronghold in early election results for all races

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Early voting results show that Republicans have a stronghold on Williamson  County with gubernatorial candidate Bill Lee prevailing with 63 percent of the vote over Democratic opponent Karl Dean. 

Lee garnered 47,498 votes over Dean’s 25,555 votes.

Republican Brandon Ogles takes a wide lead with 64 percent of the vote, or 15,623 votes, against Democratic opponent Rebecca Purington (35 percent).

U.S. Rep. Marsha Blackburn, vying for the U.S. Senate seat, jumps ahead of Gov. Phil Bredesen by securing 58.8 percent of the vote to Bredesen’s 40 percent.

State Sen. Mark Green holds steady with 64 percent (46,775) of the vote to Justin Kanew's 34.89 percent (25,343). 

Sen. Jack Johnson, R-Franklin, secures his voter base, drawing 65.87 percent of the vote (47,440) over opponent Democrat Kristen Grimm's 34.07 percent (24,537).  

Early voting results for Williamson County:


Bill Lee, 47,498

Karl Dean, 25,555

U.S. Senate

Marsha Blackburn, 43,904

Phil Bredesen, 30,312

U.S. House of Representatives, 7th District

Mark E. Green, 46,775

Justin Kanew, 25,343

State Senate, 23rd District

Jack Johnson, 47,440

Kristen Grimm, 24,537

State House, 61st District

Brandon Ogles, 15,623

Rebecca Purington, 8,608

State House, 63rd District

Glen Casada, 18,933

Bill Peach, 9,558

State House, 65th District

Sam Whitson, 13,278

Toby Shaffer, 6,343

City of Fairview Mayor

Mike Anderson, 596

John W. Blade, 1,216

Antwuane Scruggs, 192

City of Fairview Commissioner

Shannon L. Crutcher, 1,308

Wayne Hall, 664

Town of Nolensville Mayor

Jimmy Alexander, 1,800

Russell Gill (write-in), 1,458

Town of Nolensville Alderman

Derek Adams, 1,715

Steve Cody, 1,602

Tommy Dugger, 1,672

Dale F. Gustafson, 546

Town of Thompson’s Station Mayor

Corey Napier, 885

Mike Roberts, 850

Town of Thompson’s Station Alderman

Shaun Alexander, 1,001

Brandon Bell, 836

Trent Harris, 683

Steve Hockett, 606

Liquor Referendum Williamson County

For, 14,655

Against, 4,786

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Maybe I'm being picky here, but this article's headline is a bit slanted.......'take' should be replaced with 'keep'. There was no basis at all for the illusion of a so called 'Blue Wave' in Tennessee....none! Republicans have 'kept' their stronghold in Williamson County and literally SWEPT the state in the races for governor, U.S. Senate and Congressional District 7. But, here's the tricky part....all GOP winners at the local, state and federal level must continue to legislate toward their campaign promises and agenda of 'less'.....less government, less regulations and less taxes all in order to stay out of the way of the private sector! These governmental initiatives have given us peace, prosperity and freedom. Lets hope these candidates continue to be passionate about KEEPING their promises of 'less'!

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