Brentwood rally emphasizes support for Black lives, racial equality

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Brentwood Black Lives Matter Rally

Event organizer Jackson McNabb and Will Henke Friday, June 26, 2020 in Brentwood during a Black Lives Matter rally. 

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More than one hundred people attended a rally Friday night in Brentwood for racial justice across the country. Attendees lined both sides of the sidewalks of Franklin Road near the intersection of Brentwood United Methodist Church and Chick-fil-a.

Rally organizers for the Black Lives Matter event included local students and the Williamson County Young Democrats. The event was originally scheduled for last week, but after the death of Brentwood Police officer Destin Legieza, it was rescheduled for Friday.

Brentwood resident Jackson McNabb, 20, who organized the event, is a former Brentwood High School student and currently attends Duke University. After hearing personal accounts of living while Black in America, McNabb felt a call to action which led to organizing the rally.

“It’s important for communities that are historically shielded by wealth and whiteness to speak out, and show that they’re receptive and understand experiences that aren’t their own,” McNabb said.

Among the sea of signs calling for an end to racial injustice, and plenty of car honks, McNabb was encouraged by the show of community support.

“It’s incredible to see the overwhelming support that we have fighting for equality,” he said. “The level of enthusiasm and passion, that’s still respectful, is incredible to see.”

Some attendees created signs on the spot including Ruth Nwozo, who lives in Brentwood. Her sign read “Our [Black] Lives Matter."

“My skin color says it all,” Nwozo said. “Our lives matter. They should have mattered since day one. I just feel like standing out here representing this really shows that it does.”

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