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County surpasses 3,000 mailed-in ballots as early voting period nears end

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Franklin Early Voting (copy)

Early voting for the Aug. 6, 2020 election ended Aug. 1.

Saturday is the final day of the early-voting period for the Aug. 6 election, and with a few days to go, the by-mail votes have already far surpassed the total from the August 2018 early-voting period. 

During this early-voting period and on Election Day, Aug. 6, Williamson County voters will participate in a county general election, including the competitive school board race in county Districts 3 and 5, and a state and federal primary, including the competitive U.S. Senate race. As of Tuesday evening, the 10-day voting total in the county garnered 14,143 ballots, representing 8.4% of the 168,000-plus registered voters. 

This percentage exceeds 2018’s day-10 total. In August of 2018, the 10th day of early voting brought the total number of votes to just over 11,500, representing 7.8% of the registered voters at the time. By the end of the early-voting period in 2018, 20,884 votes had been cast (13.9% of registered voters), including 227 mail-in ballots. These mailed votes represented just over 1% of total early votes. 

Already, with several days left in the early-voting period, the percentage of mail-in votes is double that of 2018. As of Tuesday evening, over 3,000 ballots have been received via mail, representing over 2% of the total vote so far. 

Last Monday, Williamson County Election Administrator Chad Gray said that the Election Commission had already sent out about 5,000 mail-in ballots after a Davidson County judge ruled that anyone who does “not wish to vote in-person due to the COVID-19 situation” can request a mail-in ballot. With the early voting period ending this week and Election Day nearing, the deadline to request a mail-in ballot is Thursday, July 30. 

To request a mail-in ballot or to learn more about the Aug. 6 election, including who is on the ballot, visit

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