Embattled House speaker says he can't afford alimony

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Casada to resign

FRANKLIN, Tenn. (AP) — Weeks before he's expected to resign, Tennessee House Speaker Glen Casada has asked a judge to relieve him of paying alimony because he says he can no longer afford the approximately $4,000 monthly payments.

Casada's attorney filed the motion June 26, WTVF-TV reported. His ex-wife's attorney asked the court to reject the request this week. Glen and Jill Casada have been divorced since Sept. 2017.

The motion says Glen Casada lost employment with pharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. in May. He had been employed with the company since 2012, The Tennessean reported. Casada earns a roughly $73,000 annual salary as house speaker, according to the newspaper.

Casada's attorney, Sarah Richter Perky, said the job at Merck had been his primary source of income. Perky said it would be unlikely for Casada, 59, to "secure comparable employment" because of his age and the circumstances of his unemployment.

It was revealed earlier this year that Casada exchanged text messages containing sexually explicit language about women with his former chief of staff several years ago.

After a vote of no confidence by his Republican caucus, Casada announced he would resign as house speaker Aug. 2.

Gov. Bill Lee has called a special session to be held on Aug. 23 to select a new house speaker.

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