Final Results: Macmillan top vote-getter, incumbents secure seats and Andrews claims spot

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Early voting results predicted the final winners of the Brentwood City Commission race Tuesday once final (unofficial) results were tallied.

Susannah Macmillan was the top-vote getter, drawing 2,436 votes of support, with incumbent Ken Travis trailing not too far behind, collecting 2,212. Filling the remaining two seats among the four that were open were long-time incumbent Anne Dunn, who drew 2,099 votes, and businessman Nelson Andrews of Andrews Cadillac, who garnered 1,854.

Macmillan claims top spot

A slew of Macmillan’s supporters gathered at the Wildwood Swim and Tennis Clubhouse Tuesday night to celebrate her win after running a strong campaign. Macmillan could frequently be seen with a number of family, neighbors and friends campaigning and joining her at events such as the Brentwood 50th Anniversary Parade last month. Even when Macmillan pulled her petition to run for an open seat, her supporters filled the lobby at the Williamson County Administrative Complex earlier this year.

“I’m amazed at the support of my friends and family,” Macmillan said. “This team has been incredible, and they are the reason I got elected.” 

Travis seemed to rise as a candidate favorite, even among his fellow candidates, or competitors, evidenced at the Williamson Herald debate April 11 when some of his fellow candidates said they’d vote for him for mayor.

Andrews raised the most money, $22,925, out of all candidates during the 1st Quarter, according to campaign finance disclosures. Those funds were collected by over 100 contributors.

Nine candidates competed to claim the four open seats on the Brentwood City Commission with the following five candidates falling behind Stevan Pippin (1,262), Terrence Smith (856), Wyatt Rex Allen (836), John Magyar (588), Dale Pacetti (526). 

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