Franklin assisted living facility offers unique cleaning product to community

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Viking Pure generator The Hearth

The Hearth at Franklin has installed a Viking Pure generator, which can create hundreds of gallons of cleaning product every day.

Amid a continued shortage of cleaning and sanitizing products on store shelves, The Hearth at Franklin assisted living facility is opening up its abundant supply of a unique product to the community on Thursday.

The Hearth, a New York-based company with assisted living facilities in four different states across the eastern part of the U.S., has partnered with Viking Pure, a company focused on natural cleaning solutions, to provide a solution for safe sanitization during the coronavirus pandemic. The Hearth installed a Viking Pure generator at its facility and now utilizes the company’s two water-based cleaning products free of harsh chemicals — PureSan and PureClean.

According to the Viking Pure website, the generator conducts electrolysis, a process by which it electrically breaks down table salt into its ions, sodium and chloride. These ions are separated and each mixed with water to create hypochlorous acid, which the company calls PureSan, and sodium hydroxide, called PureClean.

“There’s two versions of it,” said Grant Burnside, director of community relations at The Hearth. “You can get the cleaner, which you spray on something, you wipe off, and it’s germ-free, or you can use the fogger. It sanitizes it. So, you go through, you fog a room. It takes two minutes, and everything is completely sanitized from that point on.”

Burnside said the team at The Hearth sanitizes main areas of the facility two to three times per day. Lisa Wyatt, senior director of community relations at The Hearth, said there are no COVID-19-positive patients at the facility.

“Our corporation really did take some early precautions,” Wyatt said. “When things started coming down the pike, … our corporation really handed down some protocols and practices that we implemented at both our Hendersonville location and here in Franklin, so we’re just really blessed and we really are just so amazed that we’ve been able to keep our residents and our families safe.”

Wyatt, who has an extensive background in the health care sector, said she is grateful for an effective cleaner that does not use harsh chemicals and is safe to use multiple times a day throughout the facility as residents go about their day.

Additionally, Wyatt said the generator can make hundreds of gallons of the cleaner every day, so there is never a shortage at the facility.

“This is a hospital-grade disinfectant system,” she said. “But what I love is that it’s nontoxic, so it doesn’t have a smell, and any of our residents or even our staff members that already are compromised with respiratory issues like a COPD or an asthma or something that’s going on — this does not hurt you or affect you, and it’s a safer way to clean.”

She said the cleaning agent can even be applied directly to the skin, and the facility has taken advantage of this quality as outside medical workers come into the facility.

With the help of the product, the facility also intends to resume some family visitation over the next week.

Because of the abundance of Viking Pure at The Hearth, the team has been offering the product to organizations and facilities throughout Williamson County, including an adult day center and fire station. Additionally, on Thursday, May 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., the facility is giving away some of its product to anyone who comes with an empty bottle.

To learn more about Viking Pure, visit For more information about The Hearth, visit

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