Governor releases guidelines for pools, noncontact sports, camps, colleges

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2019 Williamson County Swimming Championships (copy)

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee released reopening guidelines for swimming pools, noncontact sports, summer camps and higher education campuses Thursday.

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee and his Economic Recovery Group released new reopening guidelines for swimming pools, noncontact sports, summer camps and higher education campuses on Thursday.

“We’re able to continue reopening our state thanks to the sustained efforts by Tennesseans to social distance and mitigate the spread of COVID-19,” Lee said. “It’s important we continue to take personal responsibility for our health and the health of our neighbors, while recognizing and honoring the need for Tennesseans to get back to work and support their families.”

These guidelines were released within the growing Tennessee Pledge document, which provides recommendations for the reopening of the economy in the 89 counties with state health departments, including Williamson but excluding Davidson.

The governor defines noncontact sports as those that "can be conducted while substantially maintaining appropriate social distancing," including baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, disc golf, tennis and other racket sports, cycling, cricket, track and field and other running events and equestrian sports.

Additionally, the document states that higher education guidelines are not meant to convey a recommendation to open school campuses in the fall but provide guidance for those who choose to reopen.

In addition to blanket standards for all sectors of screening staff members and outside visitors for illness, the use of personal protective equipment when appropriate, and increased cleaning and hygiene protocols, the document outlines specific guidelines for each activity. The key recommendations from the document are listed below.

Swimming pools

• Minors must be under the supervision of a parent or guardian.

• Pools should be staffed.

• Deck chairs and tables should be spaced six feet apart.

• Limit group sizes for classes, events or gatherings.

• Maintain a visitor log.

• Close-quarters areas, such as saunas and hot tubs, and high-touch areas, such as playgrounds and splash pads, should remain closed.

• Concessions and snack areas should operate under the Tennessee Pledge restaurant guidelines.

Noncontact sports

• Umpires and officials should maintain six feet of distance from others.

• Locker rooms and water fountains should remain closed.

• Avoid shared equipment where possible, and disinfect shared equipment, such as balls or relay batons, between uses.

• Individuals should have their own containers for eating and drinking that are cleaned between uses, or disposable containers should be used.

• Seating areas for spectators should be spaced six feet apart or separated by barriers.

• Limit the number of people in bathrooms.

• Virtual team meetings should be considered when possible.

Summer camps

• Limit group sizes to 10 people or fewer, and limit group intermingling.

• Maintain 15 feet of distance between individuals when singing or using projected voices.

• Cancel field trips, and close locker rooms, showers and water fountains.

• Space sleeping areas six feet apart for overnight camps, and avoid use of shared materials, such as soap, towels and bedding.

• Designate an isolation area for those who begin to showcase symptoms of illness.

Higher education facilities

• Consider a phased reopening of campus.

• Encourage remote or virtual work as much as possible.

• Establish virtual office hours for faculty.

• Faculty and students should wear face coverings.

• Alter on-campus housing to accommodate social distancing practices.

• Limit social events except when social distancing can be observed.

• Conduct counseling and advising sessions virtually.

• Limit outside visitors, such as tour groups.

• Close water fountains, limit elevator capacity, and encourage the use of stairs.

Read the full guidelines below, or visit for more information.

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