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Kitty Hall event gives homes to kittens and longtime shelter cats

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0719 Kitty Hall

The city of Franklin and Williamson Animal Center "Kitty Hall" event gave homes to 17 kittens and four adult cats.

The Williamson Animal Center teamed up with the city of Franklin to throw a kitty election Friday at City Hall — renamed “Kitty Hall” for the day.

This event was organized to promote the shelter and the many, many kittens available for adoption. City of Franklin Communications Manager Milissa Reierson said she got the idea for such an event when she saw the city of Minneapolis do something similar.

Out of the couple dozen brought to the event, 17 kittens and four adult cats were adopted by the time the volunteers were wrapping up the event in the afternoon. A volunteer for four years at the center, Ellen Quertermous said this event allowed some of the older cats that had been in the shelter for a long time to find homes.

“All the adult cats were seniors that had been around the shelter for a while — they were all around 8 years old,” Quertermous said.

“So, we brought them to this event, and they got adopted after being at the shelter for quite a while.”

This community event extended beyond the walls of City Hall, though, as Ruby Sunshine had a few items on their menu that, when purchased, prompted the restaurant to donate to the shelter.

The event offered two kitten adoptions for $10 or one adult cat for the same price. However, because of the high number of kittens currently at the shelter, those who missed the event can still take two little furry friends home from the center at the same price.

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