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Letter to the Editor: ‘Not feeling the least bit humiliated’ by Casada’s private conversations

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To the Editor:

“Never let a crises go to waste" was the admonition ultra-liberal Rahm Emanuel gave to his leftist friends and sure enough, Glen Casada's unfortunate losing speculation on Cade Cothren has quickly brought all kinds of people out of the woodwork asking for Glen's head.  It is transparently clear that in most cases Glen's problem with these individuals is that he is simply too darn conservative but they like to couch their politics in sort of a morality play.  

Pat McAfee seems to think a 3 1/2 year-old silly private conversation of the type that I dare say about 85% of American males have engaged in sometime during their lives, and will engage in sometime in the future, somehow "humiliated" everyone in Williamson County by the "disgusting" contents of the messages.  I am a resident of Williamson County and I would like to go on record as not feeling the least bit humiliated by the contents of benign private conversations engaged in by my elected officials.  The thought that I should feel such humiliation is simply too silly to require further comment.  Of course, the contents of Glen's now famous conversation is "disgusting," but harmless, as light hearted conversations between friends occasionally are. 

It was the public divulgence of the conversation that served as a "gotcha" moment to those who wished Glen political harm. Pat McAfee's ire should be directed at those who went public with this conversation and caused her such obvious distress that she ". . .can only imagine what additional misogynistic activities go on at other times in other places while they should be working for us."  The distress of the easily distressed is the collateral damage suffered from such political games.   

Finally there's the case of Rep. Sam Whitson who from his very first candidacy I felt would be a serious contender for the most insufferably sanctimonious individual in the entire General Assembly and one of the least conservative Republicans. AND SO IT HAS COME TO PASS! 

He's has had one heck of a week, voting against vouchers that would break the monopoly of government schools, playing Brutus to Glen's Caesar.  A new State Representative for western Williamson County would be nice.

Stuart I. Anderson

Franklin, TN

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The article says everything I need to know about the author's character (or lack thereof.) We are proud to have Colonel Whitson representing the people of his district.

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