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Do you know a community hero?

Here is your chance to recognize someone for making Williamson County such a great place to live

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Full Survice Insurance

(From left): CEO Paul Pratt Jr., Vice President Patrick Baggett, COO John Pratt and Vice President Blake Lambert of Full Service Insurance are on the lookout for community heroes. 


There are all types of heroes in Williamson County, and they seem to be everywhere. 

Heroes have two things in common: They don’t think twice when they go above and beyond to help others, and most prefer to remain anonymous. 

The Williamson Herald is partnering with Full Service Insurance to recognize the many unsung heroes throughout the county, and the community’s help is sought.

“We were thinking of different ways to highlight people who don’t get a lot of recognition,” said Patrick Baggett, vice president of Full Service Insurance. “There are so many people with untold stories of sacrifice and good deeds within the community.”

During the past 44 years, the Full Service Insurance crew has been involved in serving the community and has witnessed the unfolding of many untold acts of heroism. As a company, Full Service Insurance values the servant’s heart of those who live in the community.

“We see what they do all the time and we want to do something to honor them,” Baggett said. “This is another way of tying the core value of our business to the community.”

As a community newspaper, the Williamson Herald frequently receives leads on a lot of stories. Derby Jones, publisher of the Herald, said a large part of what the newspaper does is tell the stories of the people who live in the community.  

“There are a lot of unsung heroes — people who go above and beyond to help others in so many different ways,” he said. “We see it everyday as we report the news, and we want to recognize them, tell their story and honor those heroes in the hope their stories will inspire others.”

Members of the community are being asked to nominate a person in their lives or one they meet who makes this county a special place to call home. 

Each month, a nominee will be recognized with a special award presented by Full Service Insurance and a story and photo in the Williamson Herald.

“It is an honor and privilege to recognize our heroes in Williamson County,” said John Pratt, chief operating officer for Full Service Insurance. “We are amazed and humbled by the citizens that contribute to our community without asking for anything in return. These individuals are the reason we are so blessed to call this place home.”

Heroes come in every size and ability, and service comes in simple, everyday deeds and big, once-in-a-life time events.

A hero can be a stay-at-home mom or dad who balances home life but finds time to tutor in school or help others in the neighborhood, a person who regularly takes time to check on and sit with a senior citizen who doesn’t get out much or help a single parent struggling to raise several children. A hero can be a coach who makes extra time to develop a player’s talent, a team of strangers who hear a silent call for help and save a life, a teenager whose kindness and friendship extends even to those with differences.  

“One of the great things about being an independent insurance agency in a community like this is that we get to see and hear about so many of the wonderful things people are doing in this community,” said Paul Pratt Jr., Full Service Insurance CEO. “What better way to show our appreciation for these heroes than by partnering with Grange Insurance Co. and the Williamson Herald to present this award each month.” 

In a giving and caring area such a Williamson County, the possibilities are endless.

“We want to recognize the people whose actions don’t get noticed but make a difference,” Jones said. “They often don’t want recognition, but it’s a way for the community to say thank you.” 

How to nominate a hero

To nominate your hero, go online to and click on the “home” button on the menu. 

From there, scroll down to “Full Service Insurance Community Award” and click on that.

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