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GraceWorks starts search for new home

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GraceWorks Ministries

GraceWorks Ministries is located at 104 Southeast Parkway in Franklin.

Local nonprofit GraceWorks Ministries, currently operating out of 104 Southeast Parkway in Franklin as a tenant, needs a new home by June of 2023.

GraceWorks has resided at the location for almost 20 years, but the property is being sold to FlexMet, a company relocating from California.

“I saw a rare opportunity to own warehouse space in Franklin, Tennessee and jumped at the chance to find a new location for my growing business,” FlexMet owner Joe Bean said. “Coming from California, I did not know GraceWorks or any of the other tenants at the time I purchased the building, but I have grown to respect the amazing outreach of this nonprofit.”

GraceWorks is allowed to stay on property until June 2023 but will not be able to renew its lease after that point. The organization is searching for a suitable space for its resource service center, thrift store, food pantry, warehouse, processing area, conference room and offices before the impending move-out date. The building has to be of suitable size to serve the 11,000 community members that the nonprofit supports a year.

Members of GraceWorks hope that it will soon own its own building.

“Here is my heart, and I would hope that our public agrees: it is really time for GraceWorks to own its own space,” GraceWorks CEO Valencia A. Breckenridge said. “I think we have proven ourselves to this community in terms of our impact and the need to have a resource like us when we look at who all we partner with. I mean, we are a true community resource center.”

Breckenridge believes the community will stand behind GraceWorks when the time is right, however, the nonprofit is considering multiple eventualities.

“Right now, what we understand we will need to do with the fast approach of June of 2023 and the current unavailability of land or commercial space, we may need to do a temporary move and then look for a more permanent space,” Breckenridge said. “But we also are a group of hope and so we believe anything can happen. So, we have our ear to the ground for a temporary space, but our heart is set on a permanent space that we can call our forever home.”

GraceWorks’ ideal facility would be 80,000 square feet to allow enough room for all of its most vital elements, and the organization believes a building that size would be estimated to cost around $14 million.

Breckenridge is asking for support from those in Franklin and the rest Williamson County.

“We need ears to the ground,” she said. “We need people [to speak up] if they know of an existing building or a space we have not thought about. We also need generosity from this community. Maybe somebody has land they’ve been wondering what to do with or they have a commercial space that we could adjust to our needs.”

Breckenridge hopes someone donates or discounts land or a building so that GraceWorks can continue to put the vast majority of its money toward programing.

“People take great pride in thinking if [they] give a dollar, 88% of that is going toward programming,” she said. “That [amount] makes a difference. If we start paying high rent and that number changes, then we are not as effective a ministry as we are [now].”

GraceWorks asks the community to join in prayer for a new home and to share any leads on rental property, gifted property or property for sale with Breckenridge at or by calling 615-794-9055, Ext. 138.

“I can’t wait to see how God will work this out, because then I will have the opportunity to tell of his goodness and his provision,” Breckenridge said.

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