Rep. Ogles appointed to Probation & Parole Subcommittee

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Rep. Brandon Ogles

Rep. Brandon Ogles

State Representative Brandon Ogles (R-Franklin) has been appointed by Governor Bill Lee to serve on the Probation & Parole Subcommittee — part of the larger Criminal Justice Investment Taskforce.  

Created through an executive order recently issued by the governor, the Criminal Justice Investment Taskforce is part of a comprehensive plan to overhaul Tennessee’s current criminal justice system to ensure it meets present day standards, not those of 30 years ago. 

Over the next two legislative sessions, the panel will develop legislative and budgetary recommendations regarding public safety and reentry issues. These include: 

· Crime prevention and recidivism reduction.

· Punishing violent crime promptly and effectively. 

· Supporting crime victims and their families. 

· Addressing mental health and substance abuse issues that lead to and impact incarceration. 

· Revising sentencing guidelines and parole/probation standards. 

· Addressing the rising fiscal and social costs of incarceration. 

· Preparing inmates to re-enter society and find pathways outside of crime through education and technical job training. 

· Equipping families and communities with tools to help returning citizens become productive members of society.

As part of the Probation & Parole Subcommittee, Ogles and his colleagues will examine the state’s existing sentencing structure, revise parole and probation standards and prepare inmates to successfully re-enter society.   

“I am grateful Governor Lee has asked me to serve as part of this important group that will focus on reducing violent crime so we can continue to create safe neighborhoods in cities and towns across Tennessee,” Ogles said. “Our ongoing work will create a system of justice tempered with mercy. This new system will allow us to remain tough on crime and hold violent offenders accountable, but also allow us to be smart on crime and better prepare those who have paid their debt for successful reentry. I am eager to advance our recent efforts on this important issue.” 

A member of the House Judiciary Committee and the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee, Ogles fought to enhance current criminal laws while improving safety in communities across this state during the 2019 legislative session. 

He successfully guided House Bill 947 through the Tennessee House of Representatives. Part of Governor Lee’s legislative package for 2019, the measure secures our Tennessee schools through a $50 million investment in school resource officers and additional resources in order to better protect our future leaders.

Additionally, Ogles successfully sponsored House 1162. This initiative supports the work of our law enforcement communities as they gather evidence in DUI investigations so they can hold offenders accountable for their actions. 

Ogles is the House Republican Caucus Vice-Chairman for the 111th Tennessee General Assembly. He is also a member of the House Finance, Ways, & Means and the House Judiciary Committees, as well as the Criminal Justice, and Finance, Ways, & Means Subcommittees and the Joint Pensions & Insurance Committee. He lives in Franklin and represents Tennessee House District 61, which includes Franklin. He can be reached by email at or by calling (615)-741-6808. 

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