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This year, resolve to get organized

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Start the new year off right by getting organized. 

Taking down those holiday decorations is the perfect time to regroup, clean and bring order into your life.

Cynthia Lindsey, partner at Its Arranged, based in Franklin, said that she believes making a resolution to get organized is key, but she says, “be specific.” 

“Just writing it out without a timeline or goals doesn’t work,” she said. 

Lindsey said that the new year is a good time to reassess and get your personal space organized to feel calmer. 

Clutter in the home is a big factor in stress. Creating a clutter-free space is important to lowering stress and cortisol. 

The National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals says 72% of us consider our homes to be disorganized. While cleaning and putting away holiday decorations, it is a good time to put aside ornaments or decor that you are ready to part with. 

Grouping and labeling are also key for organization. 

“When I take my ornaments down, I group them by theme,” Lindsey said, adding that decorating will be much easier next year as a result. “Maybe you rearranged furniture for the holidays and see that the room works better like this, moving your furniture to get the most out of your space.” 

Lindsey says that sometimes bringing in an extra set of eyes can make a big difference. Organizing professionals can often see things that the homeowner doesn’t. 

Tackling one space in your home to organize can help you stay focused on what needs to be accomplished. Repurposing items can save money and uncover ways to improve the function of a room and the aesthetics. 

Additionally, consider getting all your recipes organized. Families often pass around recipes during the holidays and end up with small pieces of paper floating around. 

“Use technology to scan recipes right into your computer and organize by meal, food group, ethnic cuisine, favorites or holiday,” Lindsey said.

If you are at a place where you are feeling overwhelmed and need help getting organized, Its Arranged is only a click away. Visit

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