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Franklin Baskin Robbins under new ownership

Carole Robinson
As of Dec. 27 Randy Luffman will officially retire and leave the Franklin Baskin Robbins. The business was sold to Brandon Anglin, former employee.

Baskin Robbins owner Randy Luffman has been adding smiles to Franklin faces for 27 years. Two days after Christmas Luffman will retire and hand his scoop over to the next generation and a familiar face – former employee, Brandon Anglin.

Although the store will be under new ownership, except for some cosmetic and equipment upgrades, “Nothing’s going to change,” Luffman said.

New owner, Anglin was a sophomore at Franklin High School in 2002 when he started scooping ice cream at the Franklin Baskin Robbins.

“This was my first job,” he said.

Anglin worked at the store through high school and occasionally during his college years at Middle Tennessee State University where he was a marketing major. He graduated in 2010 with a degree in business administration.

Two months after graduation, Anglin was the proud owner of his first Baskin Robbins store located in Brentwood.

“It was a good opportunity for me,” he said. “The job market wasn’t great for [college] graduates – the Brentwood store was for sale, I knew the product – this was my first job – and I loved the product so I decided, why not make a career of it.”

With Luffman as his mentor and biggest cheerleader, Anglin made the leap with the hope of one day buying the Franklin store. “I always had my eye on this store,” Anglin said. “I knew Randy would retire eventually. This store has been good to me and to the community, I hated to see it go to someone else, so when [Randy] said he wanted to retire, I decided to buy it. I care about this business and the community. I love this store.”

Carole Robinson
Brandon Anglin, the new owner of the Franklin Baskin Robbins as of Dec. 27 and Randy Luffman, current owner of the ice cream store dip a cone.

Now he can eat all the Golden Medal Ribbon ice cream – his favorite – he wants.

Except for some equipment upgrades, cosmetic changes and a few personal touches, the Franklin store will remain a haven for ice cream lovers and connoisseurs.

With the store in familiar and experienced hands, Luffman plans to do the traveling he and his wife of 38 years haven’t had the time to do. Places like Costa Rica, Phoenix and Las Vegas, when the season is right, a trip to California’s wine country and a “big trip” to Boston to see their son via Charlotte, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia with a detour through Canada on the way home, top their bucket list. In between big trips, the couple will enjoy weekend jaunts around Tennessee on Luffman’s big red Harley – a retirement gift himself. After that – who knows?

“I’ve earned this,” he said, “Twenty-seven years ago I pulled up in front of this store on a motorcycle, then sold it to buy the store.”

That was after16 years in the trucking business in Alabama where he started in high school at the very bottom sweeping floors and worked his way up to management. In 1986 Luffman decided to change careers.

“I was with the first company for 14 years when it got bought out,” he said. “They downsized and I was fired. I set up in another trucking operation – two years later I was fired. I decided that would never happen again and set out to work for myself.”

Carole Robinson
Randy Luffman decorates one of his last ice cream cakes before retiring from the store he has owned for 27 years.

The day after a lease agreement [in Alabama] fell through, his brother, Gary Luffman, told him in a phone conversation the Baskin Robbins store in Franklin was for sale and “He should move to Franklin.”

That same year General Motors announced it was building the Saturn plant in Spring Hill.

“My wife’s father owned a Baskin Robbins store in Alabama so I was familiar with the company and the product,” Luffman said.

After visiting the store to get a feel for operations, “I liked what I saw. I knew with my operating experience, I could do it.”

During the first couple years business exploded, but when the city began streetscape about four years after he opened, “I thought I would go out of business, but when it was done, we exploded again,” Luffman said.

When the recession hit in 2008, business slowed down but 2012, “Was my best year ever.”

“It’s been fun, but I’m not going to miss the long hours,” the government regulations and the taxes, he said while decorating one of the store’s famous cakes.

Luffman is going to miss the customers. He has many fond memories surrounding the store, his employees and customers and he has met a lot of wonderful people.

Carole Robinson
Brandon Anglin, once an employee at the Franklin Baskin Robbins store, will be owner of the store on Dec. 27. He also owns the Brentwood Baskin Robbins.

“We have very few mean customers. People who are buying ice cream are usually happy.”

Anglin agreed. “I like the people. They are kind of unique. Unlike regular restaurants, 95 percent of our customers are in a good mood – happy and upbeat.”

Including Luffman, who after 27 years still likes ice cream – every flavor.

“I have a scoop every day,” he said.

Watch for Baskin Robbins’ grand reopening party in March – date to be announced. In the meantime, drop by and meet the owner – ice cream is good no matter what the thermometer says.

Posted on: 12/19/2012


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