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Pug Akin remembered for humor, grace, community contributions

Virgil Jenkins (left), children Genie and Mary Damon, and Pug and Jimmy Akin in Jenkins

Dime Store on Franklin’s Main Street.

Her name was Doris, but no one has called her that since the day her parents brought her home in a bassinet.

“Her sister was a year-and-ahalf older, and looked into the crib and said, ‘She’s pug ugly,’” said Damon Rogers, one of Pug Akin’s three children. “They called her ‘Puggy,’ until she got married, when my father started calling her ‘Pug.’”

To this day, Rogers said, Doris Batson Akin’s friends from her hometown of Lauren, S.C., call her “Puggy,” those from Williamson County know her as “Pug.”

“Pug was part of the original 100 who founded the Heritage Foundation,” said Mindy Tate, executive director of Franklin Tomorrow. “She was a joy to spend time with. She was one of those people who was active and ready to go until her last minute.”

“She was the epitome of a Southern lady, with social graces, good humor and style,” said Mary Pearce, executive director of the Heritage Foundation.

According to Pearce, Akin dangled her high-heels in her hand at the wedding of a great-granddaughter and said she needed help putting them on. “Not you,” she said, stopping a girlfriend from helping almost before she offered. She dangled her shoes toward the younger men in the room.

“That was her spirit,” Pearce said, laughing. “She was just hysterical.”

She and Jimmy Akin were married for 53 years until he died in 2000. They had three children, each born within three years of each other.

“My mother used to say that if you hang a pair of pants on the bedpost, she’d get pregnant,” said Rogers, the middle child.

Robert O. Akin of Cape San Blas, Fla., is the oldest, and their sister Genie Akin, of Lexington, Ky., is the youngest.

“We lost the original steel magnolia,” said Rogers. “She was bright-eyed and bushytailed, even on her last day.”

Posted on: 4/4/2013


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