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MAIN STREET BEAT: How would you carpe diem?

If you have ever wished that you could let loose with reckless abandon, mark your calendar for April 12 – It’s national Walk On Your Wild Side Day. Whether it’s jumping a fl ight to Fiji or unleashing your inner Elvis impersonator – think carpe diem Friday, and let your wild side run free. The Williamson Herald asked java lovers at the Frothy Monkey about the craziness that percolates beneath their surface.

“I would go to an animal sanctuary and play with the tigers, especially the cute cubs.”

Lauren Cunningham,

“I would fly my wife to Puerto Rico for the weekend.”

Craig Cooper,

“I live on my wild side everyday; the wild side of opportunity. The world is going through great transition. From uncertainty great opportunities can arise.”

Bruce Koblish,

“I would go skydiving because of the thrill and the adrenaline. You can see everything from up there.”

Grace Boucher,

Posted on: 4/15/2013


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