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Is 25 years too long for lawmakers to go without a pay raise?

Franklin’s Board of Mayor and Alderman may soon vote itself a pay raise – something that hasn’t occurred for 25 years. If enacted, the alderman’s pay would increase from $4,800 to $12,000 annually and the mayor’s pay could increase from $9,600 to $19,500 annually. Each are eligible for insurance benefi ts. The Herald hit the streets of Franklin to ask, “Should BOMA get a raise?”

“I think that we need a full-time mayor. The city mayor is in the office probably 40 hours a week or more. For alderman, they work really hard, but I don’t think the
raise should be that much. They should think about giving city employees a raise-incentive program.”

Kahn Garrett,
Lifelong Franklin Resident

“It’s been 25 years. We, as Americans, periodically receive a raise in everyday jobs as the economy changes and prices go up. I think it’s fair to reevaluate the pay scale every five years based on the economy.”

Thithialea White,
Franklin Resident for 25 years

“I can’t imagine not getting a raise in 25 years. It’s long over due. Anytime that the government can help my community, I’m all for it.”

Tony Threadgill,
Franklin Resident for 13 years

“I am not against them getting a raise, but it shouldn’t be that much. I know that they work hard, and it’s a big commitment. If they want more pay, they could give up their health insurance.”

Leighann McCoy,
Franklin Resident of 15 years

Posted on: 4/26/2013


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