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Boxwood Bistro closes after six years

Peggy Franks in her stall at the Barn Door shows some of the dishes from the Boxwood Bistro she has for sale along with items from her house she is ready to part with.

Photo by Carole Robinson

Six years ago Peggy and John Franks left their businesses – she was a mom and he a builder – to open a restaurant. Last week, that restaurant – the Boxwood Bistro – the longest running restaurant in that location in front of The Factory, closed.

It wasn’t about the money or the new management, Peggy insisted. 

“We just decided to pull the trigger and get ourselves out of the restaurant business,” she said. “We have a new grandbaby, four-month old Henry and he’s all I care about, now.”

It isn’t bittersweet; it wasn’t even a hard decision. John got busy with his construction company and Peggy found herself running the restaurant alone, which she didn’t want to do. 

“It’s been six years and we had a great run,” Peggy added recalling the weddings, parties, showers and events they hosted and the people they came to call friends.

“I can’t thank the community enough; they have been loyal good friends – they kept us going,” she said. 
While those who frequented the Boxwood Bistro may be sad to see it go, the Franks are not.

“We were just tired. We didn’t have a sad moment then God gave us another path,” Peggy said.

For Peggy, that path leads to an antique store called Barn Door on the corner of First Avenue and South Margin, which she is happily filling a stall with “stuff” from her house and the Bistro, including pictures, boxwoods and 118 crates from her Winter Wonderland display at the restaurant.

“This is fun!” she said several times smiling broadly and almost dancing with joy. 

Now the Franks have for the fun they had been missing as restaurateurs; be in the community, get very involved in the community, sit on the other side of the table and not worry about the fold in the napkins and if the food is served on time.
Peggy has been on the board of several organizations including the Community Children’s Center, she serves lunch at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital once a month and delivers dog and cat food with Paws on Wheels, a spin-off of Meals on Wheels, but now she has more time to be more involved and to enjoy her three grown children and her new grandchild – the first of many, she hopes.
“We will be the best customers – super patient,” she said. “I want to go downtown and spend my dollars in Franklin because those people helped us so much. I’m so proud of Franklin. I’m in love with Franklin.”

Being in the restaurant business helped Peggy become acquainted with so many people and learned so much about Franklin, she said, adding with a laugh, she will not be writing a book.

Once her house is cleaned out and the Bistro inventory is sold, Peggy plans to get into “repurposed furniture” made in America, In the meantime, the sunny space outside the Barn is perfect for the plant nursery she always wanted – she’s already been digging in the dirt – and she will continue dragging stock from her own stockpile.
Stop by the Barn Door and see Peggy, she will definitely have more time to chat.

Posted on: 6/6/2013


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