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Harpeth River Watershed Association calls for volunteers for stream cleanup

On Saturday July 20th, The Harpeth River Watershed Association (HRWA) is hosting an “open call” for volunteers to complete the removal of debris from Pages Branch stream near Trinity Lane and I-65 in Nashville, a tributary to the Cumberland River. This effort is a continuation of work resulting from the May 2010 Flood and the Nashville Waterways Cleanup Project. The Trinity Lane site is considered a large cleanup site requiring the removal of several debris dams and an estimated five tons of flood debris.  

This site is particularly important as the stream runs through a populated homeless camp.  A great amount of respect and communication has gone into the community as well as the volunteers.  HRWA is working hard to ensure that our volunteers respect the camp residents and their belongings, just like cleaning up a stream along households.  The overall intention of HRWA and the collaborative group is to remove flood debris from Nashville's streams to improve water quality and reduce minor flooding due to blockages.

With the help of over 100 volunteers, HRWA has been working along Pages Branch for several months to remove large items, and we hope to finish this month.  This is a huge accomplishment for HRWA, area residents, and the City of Nashville!  

Most of the items we are cleaning up were left by the May 2010 Flood, although we do see a lot of plastic bottles, bags, tires, and other items that have been littered in more recent times.  Trash thrown on the ground and poorly discarded car parts and household items will wash into nearby streams in the next rain event. Similarly, items such as paint, car oil and cigarette butts discarded near or in storm drains end up in nearby streams. They do not flow through a waste water treatment facility first.  All of this contributes to poor water quality.  Remember that we like to eat the fish and our children like to play in those creeks!  Take pride in Nashville's amazing waters and lend a hand to help clean up the streams.

The Nashville Waterway Cleanup Project is a partnership between the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency, Impact Nashville, Hands On Nashville, Cumberland River Compact, Harpeth River Watershed Association, Richland Creek Watershed Alliance and Whites Creek Watershed Alliance to advance the long-term recovery of Davidson County waterways in the wake of the May 2010 flood.

View HRWA’s eblast about July 20th’s cleanup here.

Posted on: 7/9/2013


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