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ABC sting yields eight offenses

Several Williamson County-based businesses are facing action by the Tennessee Alcohol and Beverage Commission later this month following a sting that revealed sales of alcohol being made to underage consumers.

The TABC routinely conducts investigations throughout the state, but specific complaints from Williamson County generated this recent event.

“We sent an underage informant into these locations,” said Matt Larkins, Special Agent in Charge of the Nashville District of Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

When asked if investigators supplied the informants with fake identification cards to be used in the investigation, Larkins said “We are not permitted by law to give them any type of ID that is not their own.”

Of 20 establishments investigated on August 16, eight business owners were cited by the commission. Additionally, there were several staff members of establishments who were charged with a misdemeanor citation for serving the underage consumer,” Larkins added.

Those cases were turned over to the Williamson County General Sessions Clerk’s office for adjudication.

The businesses will appear before a three-panel commission that meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month in the state’s Davy Crockett Office Building in Nashville.

Shop and restaurant owners who were a part of the investigation are now learning whether or not they received a citation.

“By law we are required to notify those individuals within 10 days that they’ve been targeted,” said Larkins, a 12-year veteran of the TABC.

The penalty for serving underage clients is a $1500 fee, but Larkin added that a liquor license revocation could be administered after multiple citations. It is left to the state commissioners to decide those matters.

In this sting, there were incidences where the manager of the establishment was also cited for the behavior of the server or cashier. Ultimately, Larkins said the individual holding the liquor license is held responsible financially and administratively.
The TABC is a law enforcement agency with regulatory duties. In the past, Larkins said officers have coordinated with local law enforcement agencies. This sting was conducted solely by TABC.

Establishments receiving citations include: Holiday Wine & Spirits, Dolan’s Deli & Bar, Corner Pub, Corner Wine & Spirits, Cool Springs Brewery, Jonathan’s Grille, Cajun Streamer Bar & Grill, Brinkmans Wine & Spirits.

Posted on: 8/22/2013


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