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Looney reveals rezoning plans for Spring Station and Lipscomb

At a school board work session Thursday, Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney revealed proposed rezoning plans as a solution to ease overcrowding at Spring Station Middle School (SSMS) in Spring Hill and Lipscomb Elementary School (LES) in Brentwood.
The Williamson County Schools Board of Education will vote on the plans at their November meeting for implementation during the 2014-15 school year.
Due to residential growth in the area, student populations continue to rise as the schools reach capacity. SSMS has a capacity of 971, while LES has a capacity of 780.
Growth at SSMS, only a three-year old school, and LES must be relieved Looney said.
Christy James, PTO President at Lipscomb Elementary agrees, although she said it would be difficult for some to leave their close-knit home school. 
“It’s logical,” James said. “We need relief. Lunches take about three hours. My first grader doesn’t eat lunch until almost 1 o’clock.”
She attended the meeting to educate herself on the proposed rezoning plan.
Last year, the board implemented open zoning at neighboring schools as a measure to ease numbers at both schools, but few families chose to leave their home school. Therefore, with numbers still on the rise, Looney presented a rezoning plan to address the high-density areas.
Partial rezoning Spring Station Middle to Heritage Middle
SSMS’s zone from its existing northwest boundaries to west of I-65 and north of Buckner Road, would be rezoned from Spring Station Middle School to Heritage Middle School.
Students residing in the rezoned portion of the area would attend Heritage Middle, although current rising eighth graders would be permitted to stay at SSTMS. Rising sixth and seventh graders would be affected. 
Students in this area would continue to be zoned for Bethesda Elementary School and Summit High School. 
Looney also recommended that current affected middle school students in this area be given the option to attend lndependence High School even though it is out of zone. 
Partial rezoning Lipscomb Elementary to Walnut Grove Elementary
The current Lipscomb-zoned southwest boundaries to north of Moore’s Lane and Lynnwood Way would be rezoned from Lipscomb Elementary School to Walnut Grove Elementary School.

“We don’t feel like Walnut Grove will grow significantly in the future, so it will stabilize the situation,” Looney said.
Students in that area would continue to be zoned for Brentwood Middle and Brentwood High Schools until 2016, when the Northeast High School in Nolensville is scheduled to open. 

The Northeast High School is projected to relieve Brentwood High, Franklin High and overcrowded Ravenwood High. 
In fall 2016, the Lipscomb rezoned area would revert to a new feeder pattern in which students would attend Walnut Grove Elementary, Grassland Middle School and Franklin High School. 
However, students in the rezoned area would be given the option to attend Grassland Middle School out-of-zone for the school years 2014-15 and 2015-16.
James said that strong relationships have been built within Lipscomb Elementary School. 

“We feel like people at our school are our family. No one wants to be in an area that’s rezoned, but it seems like a logical break,” she said.
Board member Bobby Hullet said that when community ties are formed, it’s difficult to leave them, so there is some disappointment but the new proposed zones are logical. 
“People in Brentwood are passionate about community and have very cohesive communities. However, the proposal is logical,” Hullett said. “Most seem to believe that the most important thing is that they are going to be attending a quality Williamson County School and that’s all that matters.”

Posted on: 10/18/2013


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