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Board approves rezoning for Lipscomb and Spring Station

The board voted in approval of Looney’s rezoning proposal for a portion of Lipscomb Elementary and Spring Station Middle geographical areas.

Both schools are overcrowded and need relief, Looney explained earlier this fall.
After a few months of community discussion and rounds of input, the new geographic lines will be implemented for the 2014-15 school year.
Some residents from affected neighborhoods have spoken out at the last two board meetings during public comments. Several residents from the Cameron Farms neighborhood voiced their opposition Monday night to the rezoning of Spring Station Middle due to being bused further away from schools that could be seen from their yards. Some residents in south Brentwood neighborhoods, such as Brentwood Pointe, have also spoken out about the rezoning of Lipscomb Elementary.
School board member Bobby Hullett, District 7, and Eric Welch, District 10, voted against the rezoning plan for the Lipscomb Elementary geographical region.
Hullett expressed concerned about the families of Brentwood Pointe, a 30-year established Brentwood community, being bused to Franklin as a result of the rezoning plan. Although quality of schools is not the issue, Hullett is concerned about uprooting families to a new city boundary.
“Families in Brentwood Pointe have been a part of the Brentwood community for decades. This is their community,” Hullett said.
He believes that a more logical feeder pattern for the Lipscomb community would be the following: Crockett Elementary - Woodland Middle - Ravenwood High School, which would keep the residents in Brentwood Pointe in Brentwood schools. 
“I haven’t heard a concrete explanation on why this wouldn’t work,” Hullett said.
The approved feeder pattern for rezoned Lipscomb families will be Walnut Grove- Grassland Middle - Franklin High School.
Earlier during the meeting, Looney explained that Crockett Elementary houses about four early childhood education programs, which contributed to the school population even though some statistics show that the school has not reached capacity. However, Hullett expressed after the meeting that he believes that relocating some of the EC programs could have helped to relieve the school and allowed room for additional rezoned students.
Welch also voted against the rezoning plan because some rezoning of his district in years past seems to contradict current rezoning plans.
“I have seen Franklin neighborhoods zoned out in the past, and now we are adding neighborhoods back in from the north. I can’t get behind this,” Welch said.
Chairman of the Board Pat Anderson, District 8, who also serves part of the rezoned districts, encouraged the board to vote in favor of the district staff and Looney’s plan preceding the final vote.
“Change is never easy,” she said. 
“There are a lot of emotions. These decisions do not come easily. However, I know that the students affected will continue to succeed and thrive. I believe that this plan provides stability and follows logical geographical lines. I urge the board to support this plan.” 
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Posted on: 11/19/2013


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