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FPD issues official statement on officer suspension

Editor’s note: Today Chief David Rahinsky issued a letter to the community about a Franklin police officer, who has been reprimanded following an internal investigation into his behavior on Nov. 2. This statement was issued through social media via Twitter and
Officer Brent Rose was found passed out in his personal vehicle outside of a bar in Cool Springs. To view the original message online, please visit the city of Franklin website here or here

Check back with the Herald for updates on this story.

Issued statement:

The following is the statement of Chief David Rahinsky regarding a recent local news story about a Franklin Police Officer. The story featured the fact that on November 2, 2013, Officer Brent Rose was off-duty when an on-duty supervisor found him impaired and unconscious in his vehicle in the parking lot outside of a local bar: 

Police Officers, by the very nature of their position and responsibility to the public, are to be held to an even higher standard than the average citizen. Rose’s actions on November 2 were unbecoming of an officer and reprehensively unacceptable for any member of this Department. 

On-scene officers in this case chose not to arrest Officer Rose. I was first made aware of the incident the following morning and, given the facts, disagreed with that decision. I immediately ordered that an internal investigation be conducted, placing Officer Rose on modified assignment. As a result of his disciplinary hearing held last week, Officer Rose was given the maximum possible discipline for conduct unbecoming of an officer, short of termination: a 5-day suspension without pay, a last-chance employment agreement, meaning that any other confirmed substance abuse incident, including a failed test, will result in his immediate termination. He is also required to participate in up to six random alcohol/drug tests at the City’s discretion within the next 12 months. Officer Rose will not be allowed to continue in his role as a DUI instructor. 

This type of behavior by the men and women of this Department, who are sworn to the service of this City’s residents, will not be tolerated. Our badge is worn as a symbol not of our own authority, but of your trust in us. Officer Rose failed to live up to that trust in this situation; for that, he has been punished. 
David Rahinsky, 
Chief of Police

Posted on: 1/24/2014


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