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OMD (oh, my dog), it may be August, but at my house, all too often Mom is crying Mayday! Actually, it’s Mattie Day. My doggie colleague (I refuse to call her my sister) creates havoc on a regular basis.

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I’ve been on a news-watching sabbatical the past couple of months and haven’t had that much to rant about because a good friend of mine — a poet, philosopher and connoisseur of cheap cigars — pointed out to me that focusing on what the babbling, orange buffoon in the White House and his supp…

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The word “estate” conjures images of great wealth, which may be one of the reasons so many people don’t develop estate plans – after all, they’re not rich, so why make the effort? In reality, though, if you have a family, you can probably benefit from estate planning, whatever your asset lev…