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Bethesda News: Amid pandemic, girl offers words of wisdom in timely poem

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Columnist Joyce Smith

Columnist Joyce Smith

Thought for the week: Today, as you interact with family, friends and co-workers, share your courage, your hopes, your dreams and your enthusiasm. Your positive outlook will be almost as big a blessing to them as it is to you!


I received my Tennessee Magazine this past week. As I was reading through it, I came across the page entitled “Poet’s Playground.” This page has poems written by different age groups from ages 8 through 65 and older. 

I was so impressed with the one written by Priscilla Lofton in the 9-13 age division. I want to share it with you. It is entitled “Safe at Home.” 

Though we are confined at home, trapped in our houses, unable to roam, but together we’ll soar like birds of a feather, knowing we’ll get through it together. 

We look about for things to do. 

We’re the Volunteer State, we’ll make it through.

But if one sees a neighbor in need, help them quickly! Please, take heed! 

I long for when we meet face to face! 

We hug, laugh, and cry as we finish the race. 

But now at home, there are needs unmet.

So we must remember that, “As birds of a feather, we flock together.”

Together, we will make it through. 


What a great blessing we can receive from this.

I am always so proud of our young people. At least I refer to Amber Armstead as a young lady. 

You may remember that years ago she lost her 4-year-old son, Noah, to SIDS. She started a mission to help others by making Noah’s Bears out of fabric or shirts of those who had lost loved ones. 

I feel sure that, with the help of friends, she made over hundreds. She had an interest in becoming a preacher, so, during this time, she did her schooling to fulfill this dream. She recently completed this dream and has been assigned to, as she calls them, “triple gems.”

These gems are Green’s Chapel United Methodist Church, Garrison United Methodist Church and Greenbrier United Methodist Church. These are all in the Leiper’s Fork area. Congratulations, Amber. We are so proud of you.

Hopefully, you have your calendar marked for Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church’s vacation Bible school. It is for ages 3-12 and will be 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. They will be served snacks as well as lunch. Activities have been planned for each age group. If you have questions, call Krystal Cothran at 615-477-4766.

Congratulations are in order for Tom Lawrence. He was recently honored with the Caroline Cross Award. This was presented to him by Leadership Franklin. He is very deserving of this award.

If you know Joe Copolo, pre-need arrangement consultant at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home, you know he always has a smile. But if you could have seen him this past Monday, that smile was twice as big as ever. 

He received word that he has a new granddaughter. His daughter Lauren and her husband, Trey Ivey, are proud parents of Lennon Gray Ivey. She was born at 4:27 p.m. on Monday weighing in at 8 pounds, 8 ounces. Of course, her 4 year old sister, Emerson Shea, was just as excited. Grandmother Shanda Copolo is right there to help take care of them. Of course, great-grandmother Susie Pugh would not let her go without taking her, so she is there also helping. They make their home in Indian Trail, North Carolina. Congratulations to each of them.

Elaine Bradley Thompson recently enjoyed herself at the home of Vivian and Eddie Prince, who live in Estillfork, Alabama. They visited Donna Buford’s store, but it was closed. That did not keep them from going other places.

Once again, we have people we need to remember in our prayers. Please continue to prayer for Joel Pedrick, David and Delores Gilreath, Roger Cathy, Rena Beard, Logan Veach, Julie Parrish Fast, Elaine Brown, Karen Ashworth Bennett, Ellen Jones, Brandy Travis, Eric Bellenfant, Tommy Heithcock, Annie Lee Farrar, Annie Lee Neal, Billy Giles, Charles Giles, Charlie and Jessie Bennett, Elaine Miller Green, Tommy Smith, Harold Wheeley, Teresa Locke, Gary Wells, Nellie Stephens, Dodie Hazelwood, Susie Bennett, Dugan and Linda Reed, Joyce Liggett, Terry Marlin and his mother, Betty Marlin, Charlie Reed, Ronnie and Judy Pitt, Glenn Burgess, Larry Marcum, Charles Gore, Charlene Lancaster, Connie Marlin and Ellen Bogle.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to families who have recently lost loved ones. Those of whom I am aware of are “Red” Hazelwood, Todd Ruth, Barry Kincaid, Chance Bizwell, Lyn Sullivan Pewitt, Rhonda Farley, Harold W. Pratt (husband of Mary Jo Pratt), Lois Hall Bass, John Oden Sr., Brandon P Roby, Lois “Sister” Hall, Richard Stitt, Will Clifford, Phillip Johnson, Adelaide McCloskey, Cindy Lumpkins, Dr. James Garfield Townsel (father of Kevin Townsel, member of FSSD Board of Education), Betty Sue Cooper, Jane Holt Beasley, Dorothy Virginia Tyson (wife of Stan Tyson), Ralph Walker, Charlie Daniels and Don Williams. Please let me know if I need to add others.

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