Joyce Smith, Columnist

Thought for the week: The best rule for making and keeping friends is, not surprisingly, the golden rule. To have good friends, be a good friend.

The rule mentioned above is one that Tom Woodside lived by.

Not only did the Bethesda and Thompson’s Station communities lose a good friend with Woodside’s death, but Williamson Countians lost one of our few remaining World War II veterans.

Tom, who recently died after a brief illness, was a lifelong resident of Williamson County. The U.S. Army veteran worked at the Williamson County Co-Op and then retired as assistant manager at Farm and Home Supply.

At 97, he was the oldest living member of Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where he served as an elder. He attended regularly until recently.

He was a true American. In 2012, he was honored by the American Society of the French League of Honors as a veteran member. A military funeral was held at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home with Jim Taylor and Joe Copolo officiating.

Tommy Wilhoite played the bagpipes as Tom was interred in his gravesite.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Myrtle, stepdaughter Carolyn (Sam) Crutcher, granddaughter “Sis” Crutcher, great-grandson Chris Reid and brother Raymond Woodside.

He is survived by grandchildren Diane (Ron) Reid, Pete (Kate) Crutcher, “Bubba” (Debbie) Crutcher, numerous great-grandchildren, one great-great- grandson, Jaxon Reid, and sister-in-law Lucille Woodside, as well as other family members. Memorial can be made to Mt.Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Congratulations to Ann Garner, who recently retired from Walmart, where she worked for 42 years.

She would always stop what she was doing in order to help me locate the items I was looking for. We wish for her the best in the years of retirement. I am sure those grandchildren of hers will keep her busy.

Russell and I were shocked as well as deeply saddened when we received a letter from Vanderbilt Dermatology letting us know of the death of Dr. Jeffrey Byers on Jan. 9. He had been our dermatologist for years. Whenever he relocated, we would follow him.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to his family as well as his co-workers.

It was hard for me to believe that Tom Harris recently turned 100. So many people had him as their teacher. He also is a World War II veteran.

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Tom.

Russell and I recently received our first COVID-19 shots. I was so impressed with the way in which it was organized. It did take more than an hour, but it was a very smooth moving of hundreds of vehicles. We are to receive our second one on Feb. 17. I had some side effects from mine, but Russell did not have any side effects.

What words can you say to someone who has lost two sons in less than one month?

That is what happened to Sarah Louise Lillard. After her son “Bubba” died during the latter part of December, her son Mike died in January. Please continue to keep each of these families in your prayers.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to Mike’s wife, Charlotte Goodgame Lillard, as well as to all family members.

By the time my next column is published, “Ma” Jessie Bennett will have celebrated her birthday.

You have time to send her a card, since it is not until Feb. 24. We want to wish her a very happy birthday and hope she has a great celebration.

She is on our prayer chain, so our prayers continue to be with her as well as Charlie. May God continue to bless each of them.

Congratulations to Turner Gilreath as well as his teammates on the Tennessee Soccer Club U14 boys Nike Team, which took first place in Memphis this past weekend. They competed at the 2021 Southeast College Showcase. The team is coached by Jordan Grant. (Turner is the son of Scott and Karen Gilreath.)

Members of Franklin Noon Rotary Club would like to thank those of you who purchased beef tips as well as Boston Butts this past weekend.

I did not hear as to how many they were able to give to charity, but I do know they had a steady flow of people picking up their orders this past Saturday. We purchased the beef tips and they were delicious.

I always get excited when I hear of our young people excelling in their academic work. I recently learned that Stacey Holt, daughter of Jennifer and Jeff Holt, made the dean’s list at East Tennessee State University. 

Way to go, Stacey. We are so proud of you!

So many of our friends and family members continue to be in need of our prayers. Please continue to remember Jimmy Thompson as he began his chemo and radiation treatments this past Monday. Also, others in need of our prayers are Lincoln Benefield, Judy and Ronnie Pitt, Billy and Katie Giles, Dee Lynch, Delores and David Gilreath, Teresa and Danny Anderson, Howard Armstrong, Brenda Clarkson, Emy Joe Bilbrey, Jessie and Charlie Bennett, Mark Paris, Herbert and Mattie Marlin, Annie Lee Neal, Elise Banner, Joel Pedrick, Geneva Stephens, Libby Padgett, Kim Ham, Susie Bennett, Joe Johnson, Ellen Bogle, Dodie Hazelwood, Dugan Reed, Doris Pedrick, Ruby Perry, Roy Ruth, Luke Hill, Nellie Jo Stephens, Harold Wheeley, Donnie Cameron, Brandy Travis, Anita Gillespie, Carol Barnhill, Judy Hayes and Stewart Bachmann.

To those of you who have recently lost loved ones our deepest sympathy is extended. Please continue to pray for the families of Mike Lillard, Tom Woodside, Larry Mang, Ken Frost, Donnie Ladd, Robbie Anglin, Jake Harvey Jr., Shannon Helton, George Spain, Charlotte Kelley, Carol Caruthers, “Ruthis” Thompson Fonseca, Tina Denise Reynolds McDaniel, “Geri” Dillard Taylor, Billy Dutton, Lucy Giles and Mary Lynn Millsaps (sister of Delores Gilreath).

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