Bethesda News: Especially thankful for friendship this holiday season

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Columnist Joyce Smith

Columnist Joyce Smith

Thought for the week----“Hatred corrodes the container it is carried in.”

I am sure if you watched and listened to President George H.W. Bush’s funeral services this is something that stayed with you when Alan Simpson gave his eulogy. (I have seen where other people have posted it or referred to it in conversation.) Also, another was when they were referring to different kinds of “ships”. Some being the Battleships, the Cruise ships, and etc. but the BEST ship is FRIENDSHIP. This is where you, as my readers, come in. Without your friendship this column would not be available. To each of you “Thanks!” You are ALL Special, and I want to take this opportunity to wish each of you and your families a VERY Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. This will be my last column for 2018, but I look forward to the New Year, 2019. May God continue to bless each of you!

You are all invited to the Bethesda United Methodist Church tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 21, for their Blue Christmas Service. It will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Pastor of Thompson Station United Methodist Church, Bo Myers, and his wife, Pastor Mary Kate Myers, pastor of Bethesda and Wesley Chapel United Methodist Churches.will be conducting the joint services on the longest night of the year. Call your friends and invite them.

Now until Dec. 29, daily, at Williamson County Ag Expo Center, you can enjoy a mile long exhibit of Christmas lights some coordinated to music you play on your radio. Proceeds benefit Franktown who works with at risk youth in Franklin. The hours are 6-10 p.m. for only $25 per car load. (You can “cram” as many as you can get in your vehicle.) We are going this week.

Bethesda Elementary recently named their “Academic All-Star 2018-2019 Student of the School Year”. He is Cole Harper, son of Jill and Glenn Harper. Congratulations Cole. WE are so proud of you. Paternal grandparents are Shirley and Coley Harper. (I taught Glenn at Johnson Elementary. He, too, was a GREAT student.)

WOW! Williamson County is REALLY going to be WELL represented at the State Level. Our Governor elect, Bill Lee, has appointed several of OURS as his Commissioners in several areas. CONGRATULATIONS are in order to our Sheriff, Jeff Long, who was recently appointed Commissioner of the Tennessee  Department of Safety and Homeland Security. To Dr. Charles Hatcher on being appointed Tennessee Secretary of Agriculture. Glenn Casada who is a “sure fit” for Speaker of the House and then I heard where Holly McCall was running for a position in the Democratic Party. To EACH of these we say “Congratulations” and wish you the best of luck.

Do you have an interest in stained glass? If so then you will want to contact the College Grove Center. They will begin a class on Jan. 11. This is a 5 weeks class being held on Friday’s beginning at 11 a.m. There is a limit of six students.

I was shocked as well as deeply saddened when I learned of the sudden death of Dr. Joseph Willoughby. I have ALWAYS admired this man and credit him with helping to save my life. When I had my doctor’s appointment with him, I noticed a large sign on the back of his patient door as to how to give yourself a “self-examination for breast cancer.” That is when I located the knot in my breast and discovered I had the dreaded disease. (I have ALWAYS told him “You helped to save my life”.) Also, he kept a sign on his desk in his office that read, “A cluttered desk is a sign of a genius”. I adopted that as my motto when I taught school. We discussed this numerous times.) To his wife, Betty, his daughter, and son, as well as other family members our deepest sympathy is extended. Services were yesterday at First Presbyterian Church on Franklin Road.

Members of Mt. Carmel Church were saddened when we learned of the death of former pastor, Buddy Pope. He passed away this past Monday at Rutherford County-St. Thomas Hospital with pneumonia. To his wife, Dawn, children, Angie and Charlie, as well as grandchildren, our deepest sympathy is extended. Arrangements had not been made at the time of this writing.

So many of our family and friends remain in the hospital, nursing homes, homebound, etc. Please continue to pray for them. Prayers are with Gladys Cothran, Annie Lee Farrar, Teresa Locke, Billy Giles, Allen Brown Marlin, Connie Garrett, Joel Pedrick, Dee Lynch, Susie Bennett, Joe King, Terry Marlin, Tracie Westbrook, Linda Cotton, Cleo Cowan, Flookie and Lily Buford, Tommy Poteete, Karen Ashworth Bennett, Mike Beard, Charlie Reed, baby Daisy Whidbey, Doug Harmon, Ellen Bogle, Jackie Marlin, Malcolm and Doty Hazelwood, Martha Ann Hazelwood, Marcy Gray, Richard Verbosky Keith Padgett, Jessie and Charlie Bennett, Jim Hayes, Joyce Liggett, Larry Westbrook,Sr., Martha Jo Petty, Pete Crutcher, Paris Bennett, Marie and Otis Bentley, as well as others whom I am not aware of.

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families of Brenda Johns, whose celebration of her life was this past Sunday, my first cousin, Bettye Grigsby, Tucker Davis, Jessie Wray, Virginia Poteete, Tom McArthur, Buddy Pope, Dr. Joseph Willoughby, Mary Dodd King, Elizabeth Pearre Givens, the father of Diana Siepel, teacher friend of mine, Joey Giles as well as those whom I have not been made aware of.

MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR from Russell and me!

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