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Bethesda News: Keeping community members in our prayers

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Joyce Smith, Columnist

Thought for the week — Humans need to learn to love each other. If we learned to love each other, there’d be no wars, no killing, no raping, no fighting. We, human beings, have got to learn how to love one another. 

The above was in my morning devotion on Jan. 1. I thought it very fitting to begin the new year with. 

Our community, Bethesda, has once again lost one of our much-loved matriarchs, Jessie Bennett, better known to most of us as “Ma Jessie.” She passed away on Dec. 30. I am so thankful that I went to see her the day before she passed away. She knew me, and when I told her, “I love you,” she said, in a feeble voice, “I love you too, Joyce.”  

She loved to entertain her family friends. She had friends join her for Christmas brunch a few days before Christmas. She loved people! She has now joined her husband, Charlie, and daughter, Connie Marlin, who both passed away in June of this past year, in Heaven. She is survived by daughter, Brenda (Dan) Wooten; son, Roger (Lynn) Bennett; son-in-law, Tim Marlin; five grandchildren; eight great-grandchildren; sister, Peggy Trice Johnson; as well as numerous nieces and nephews. To each family member, our deepest sympathy is extended. 

The Battlefield Region Car Club recently unexpectedly lost one of their members. Mike Tashida passed away suddenly at his home in Thompson’s Station. At Mike’s request, no services were held. To his wife, Diane, as well as other family members, our deepest sympathy is extended.  

As I was getting ready to submit my news, I learned of the passing of another member of the car club. David Knight passed away after having been with Hospice for several months. A memorial service was held yesterday, Jan. 12, at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home. To his wife, Marilyn, as well as other family members, our deepest sympathy is extended. 

A BIG shout out goes to one of our officers with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. I recently learned of an accident that involved a truck going into a creek and turning over. Upon his arrival, Deputy Cody Richardson was told that the driver was not in the cab but could be under the truck. Without hesitation, Richardson immediately jumped into the water to see for himself. The driver was out and safe, thanks be to God, but Richardson did not know that until he looked for himself. This is just one example as to how SPECIAL our officers are. THANKS, Officer Richardson. We appreciate you! 

Congratulations to Brandy Blanton as well as her family members on the birth of her new grandson, who arrived during the Christmas holidays. Finley Truett Castro was born weighing 8 pounds, 13 ounces, and was 21.5 inches long. What a blessing he was to ALL! 

I have just learned of the passing of several of my close friends. You may recall that last year I wrote about Dick Guttridge, who was celebrating his 100th birthday. He was one of our World War II veterans, and we had several pictures of him. He passed away this past week at his home in Spring Hill. A private service was held. He is survived by his wife, Billie, and daughter, Debbie (Joe) James, as well as other family members. To each of them, our deepest sympathy is extended. 

As I was writing about Brandy’s new grandson, I received word of the passing of Jane Whitten. This was such a shock to me. Jane and her late husband, Bill, lived on Byrd Lane and did so much for our community. She was president of the Home Demonstration Club for years. At this writing, no arrangements have been made. She is survived by her daughter, Cydney Olson, and son, Ryan Whitten, as well as their spouses, grandchildren and other family members. To each of them, our deepest sympathy is extended. 

The headlines of the story about Miss Lottie Haffner’s passing summed it up by saying “beloved nurse.” That she was, and more. She always had a smile. So many of you may have been brought into the world with her help. Services were held yesterday, Jan. 12, at Williamson Memorial Funeral Home, with burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery. To her daughter, Charlotte, and son, Charlie, our deepest sympathy is extended, as well as to her grandson, great-grandchildren and other family members. 

Did you read where Page High School graduate Taylor Cathey won the National Collegiate Cornhole Championship? He and his partner, Nic Moore, beat Northwest Missouri State in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Congratulations, young men! They were representing UT. 

I was excited when I read the headline recently, “Mayor Anderson announces re-election campaign.” I was hoping he was going to do so. We appreciate ALL he has done in the past years for our county and look forward to the coming years. 

COVID-19 continues to strike family members and friends. Please continue to remember them in your prayers.  

I was sorry to hear that Martha Kay Brisby is having vision problems. She is at Somerfield Health Center receiving care. Others who are in need of our prayers are Jimmy Thompson, Fred Brown, Tom Mefford, Anita Gillespie, Margie Webb, Teresa Locke, Jack Williams, Gerald McGee, Pat Marlin, Judy and Ronnie Pitt, David and Delores Gilreath, Leland Benefield, Derby Jones, Dee Lynch, Mary Dean, Susie Bennett, Darlene Heath, George Molina (husband of Connie Watson Molina), Dodie Hazelwood, Dorris Logue, Nellie Stephens, Doris Hickman, Doris Pedrick, Louise Lynch, Billy and Katie Giles, Dot and Allen Marlin, as well as others whom I am not aware. 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families who have lost loved ones over the past weeks. Maxwell Collins (father of Janet Butler and teacher at Johnson Elementary School), Dean Duit (father of Diane Yarley and teacher at Johnson Elementary), Jim Brown (father of Shelly Jansen and teacher at Poplar Grove Middle School), Mr. Tom Harris (he was 100 and a former teacher at Bethesda), Jessie Bennett,  Mac Ryan, Fred Henry Brown, Gladys King, Mike Tachida Sr., James Nathan Long, David Knight, Josephine Zayas, Lottie Haffner, Jane Whitten, Dick Guttridge, Stanley Coats (brother of Dodie Hazelwood), Coach John Madden, Andrew Alexander (son of Honey and Lamar Alexander), “Jab” Beard, Charlene Parsons, Glenda Harlow, Mary Joe Fly Otten, Joan Giddings, LaVerne  Towry Campbell, Doris Huff, Gloria Bolton, as well as others whom I am not aware.

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