Bethesda News: Music, faith soothe the soul during troubling times

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Joyce Smith, Columnist

Thought for the week: Contentment comes not from your circumstances but from your attitude and your faith. Stay positive and remember that faith is the foundation of a contented life.

With this coronavirus sweeping all across our nation, our faith and love of God is what we have to lean on. 

Once again, our country music stars are putting into words, through their songs, things that we can rely on daily. Vince Gill and Amy Grant, along with their daughters, Jenny Gill and Corrina Grant Gill, recently performed in front of an empty house for a “Grand Old Opry” event and sang “Somewhere Down the Road,” which features the lyrics “Somewhere down the road, you will find mighty arms reaching for you and they will hold the answers at the end of the road.”

I know that we are all ready for the end of the road to come with this so we can get back to our daily and normal routine.  

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood said it well when they said, “Rest your heart easy. Together we are stronger.”  

Mark Elliott, pastor of Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, also said it best when he said, “Nothing can separate us from the love of God!” 

May we continue to keep our faith in God and be there for each other. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

We were so sorry to learn of the terrible motorcycle wreck that Larry Marcum recently had. As I am writing this, he is in the trauma unit at Vanderbilt University Medical Center with a lacerated liver, 14 broken ribs, collapsed lungs, broken vertebrae and fluid in the lungs. I talked with his wife, Pat, and asked for permission to put him on our prayer chain. She said, “By all means.” 

Please add him to your prayer chain. Larry and Pat, please know that our prayers are with you at this time as well as the days ahead.

Are you aware that donations made on May 2 toward essential technology for BrightStone students will be matched dollar for dollar up to $20,000? It is part of The Big Payback. What a great way to help in this time of need.

While community Easter sunrise services have been cancelled., we can have our own by getting out in our yards and watching the sun rise and thanking God for another day.

Dealing with death is hard on all of us, but it is especially hard when it involves a child or young person. Ken and Stephanie Mangrum lost their son, Seth, in February, but they were recently notified that Seth’s organs have saved the lives of three people. 

Have you thought about being an organ donor? Our prayers continue to be with his family.

Please let me know of events, sickness, deaths, etc. that we need to let the public know about. I, personally, want to encourage you to listen to local radio station WAKM-AM 950 for up-to-date activities as well as local happenings in and around our county. 

Tom Lawrence, Darrell Williams, Jason Tomlin and Tommy Jackson are live, each day, keeping you informed. If you need a picker-upper, then tune into “Trade Time” at 12:15 p.m. each day. You may even have some things that you have located during this time of confinement that you would like to sale. What better place than calling them to advertise?

Please continue to remember those who are sick, in nursing homes, in assisted living homes or facing surgery. Our prayers continue to be with Joel Pedrick, David and Delores Gilreath, Charlene Lancaster, Barbara Knight, Charlie Banner, Connie Marlin, Jessie and Charlie Bennett, Kaye Johnson, Howard Yancy, Ellen Bogle, Dee Lynch, Billy and Katie Giles, Bob and Ann Garner, Donnie Cameron, Lottie Haffner, Nellie Jo Stephens, Mary Ann Poteete, Stephanie Mangrum, Ralph Genoble, Joe Farrar, Annie Lee Neal, Larry Westbrook Sr., Malcolm and Dodie Hazelwood, Joyce Liggett, Teresa Locke, Pop Wheeley, Annie Lee Farrar, Elaine Holt and Jimmy Cartwright.

This has been a trying and sad time for those who have lost loved ones. They have not been able to give them the type of services they feel they deserve, but we know that God has been with each family member during this time. 

Our deepest sympathy is extended to the families of Olivia Sawyer McGaugh, Jess Crawford, Dorothy Louise Johnson, Tom Valentine, Libby Marley, Vivian Harris Southhall, Jane Freeze Dyer, Mary Jo Maher (mother of John Maher), Gary Lindsey (brother of Jerry Lindsey), Joe Diffie, Joe Bond (husband of Jody Bond), Annette McCord Davis, Dr. T.K. Jones Jr., Robert Lawrence Yates, Melanie Rhea Mayes (daughter of Jerri Mayes), Nancy Layne Hazelwood, Sandra Mangrum Crafton, Nancy Wray Byrd, Clara DuVall, Edward Allen Morgan, Chuck Donaldson, Pete Meenen, Lisa Johnson Connor and Jessie Ward Parker.

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