Joyce Smith, Columnist

Thought for the week: If you want more from life, ask more from God. If you’re pursuing a worthy goal, ask God’s help — and keep asking — until he answers your prayers.

I am sure that members of the Franklin Special School District Board of Education, as well as parents, students and staff felt this way recently when they learned that the ground had been broken for a new performing arts center — for all the schools in the system — as well as for a new gym for Poplar Grove School.

Even though I am no longer an employee of the school system, I still feel as though I have a lot of my 84 years invested in it. It will always be a part of my life as well as my love for education and appreciation for any improvements that are added to our schools.

When I noticed that Sept. 9 was the day they broke ground, it was even more special, since that was my 84th birthday. What a great present!

A trunk-or-treat celebration will be this weekend in the Bethesda United Methodist Church parking lot. Be sure to take your children between 3 and 5 p.m. and let them be of part of this celebration.

They have asked me to let you know they have canceled the drive-thru country ham breakfast they had scheduled for Nov. 14. After carefully studying the pros and cons of this event, they decided it would be best to cancel it.

Speaking of country ham breakfasts, Boy Scout Troop 135 will have a drive-thru country ham breakfast on Nov. 7 at First Presbyterian Church, which is next to The Legends Golf Club. The hours are 7-10:30 a.m. and the cost is only $5, so mark your calendar now. They are also having an online auction.

Happy birthday to our son, Jeff Smith, who is celebrating his 58th birthday today. He works at First Bank, formerly Franklin Synergy Bank, at Berry Farms. We hope he has a great day with many more birthdays to come.

I have a correction to make from my last column. Members of Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church have changed the date of their fall festival. It will be Nov. 1. It will begin at 5 p.m. with a bonfire to roast wieners and marshmallows. 

If children want to dress in their Halloween costumes, they are welcome to do so. The church will furnish drinks, hot dogs, etc., but should anyone want to bring a pot of chili or desserts, they are encouraged to do so. If you need more information, call Krystal Cothran at 615-477-4766.

Also, if you or someone you know are in need of food, you are invited to “swallow your pride” and ask for help from Mt. Carmel Cumberland Presbyterian Church, where we have a food Pantry waiting for those of you who are in need.

You can call Krystal to set a time to meet her there. If you would like to donate to the pantry, you can take items to the church and leave them or call Krystal.

As my next column will not come out until after Judy Hayes celebrates her birthday, which is Oct. 30, I would like to take this opportunity to wish her a happy birthday.

You have time to get a card and let her know you are thinking of her on this special day.

This past weekend offered just another example of how we have a close-knit community.

A passerby noticed a fire in Troy and Jennifer Crutcher’s barn and notified them. With neighbors, as well as our volunteer fire department, they were able to put out the fire, but not before it burned up the Crutchers’ tractor as well as 100 bales of hay.

Thanks to everyone who made their way to the barn at a late time of the night. So thankful it was not any worse.

Do you have a special veteran who you would like to honor on Veteran’s Day? If so, the Williamson Herald will be publishing tributes in a special edition.

The deadline for you to submit a photo, etc. is Oct. 29. If you need more info, call Derby Jones at 615-790-6465 or drop by the office on Columbia Avenue.

Our prayers continue to be with all the ones who have gotten COVID-19. Please continue to be cautious about this disease.

Please also continue to remember Harvey and Harriette Jane Isom, Dawson Hargrove, Elise Banner, Connie Marlin, Jessie and Charlie Bennett, Bobby Bradley (brother of Elaine Bradley Thompson), Billy Jean Hazelwood, Emma Collins (granddaughter of Mark and Lynn Paris), Bobby Beard, Gladys Cothran, David and Delores Gilreath, Judy and Ronnie Pitt, Nellie Jo Stephens, Anita Gillespie, “Putt” Smithson, Denny Neal, Teresa Locke, Julie Parrish Fast, Kim Ham, Micah McClendon, Ann Reed, Billy and Katie Giles, Janice McGee, Suzy Szpont, Joel Pedrick, Ruby Perry, Doris Pedrick, Lynn Paris and Mary Lynn Millsaps as well as others who are in need of prayer.

We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to the families of Talmadge Williams, Quinn Julian Decker (the son of Dr. Mary Decker and Tim Decker), Ellen Sophie Stone (mother of Amy Brannum), Lynda Berryman, Cecil Stinson Smith (mother of Millard Smith), James Ray Elliott, Jim Wilson (father of Patti Dale), Dustin Reed, Evelyn Williams, Matt Barnett, Ted Hood, Wade Dunham and Randy Rader.

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