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Commentary: Finding cherished pickles and reason to laugh at small delights

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Jodi Rall, Columnist

Jodi Rall is a Brentwood resident and writer. 

My daughters were home over the weekend and I needed to run into Publix. We all went to the store, our merry little band of Ralls.

I had my list of needed items. That is what I do best, make lists for me and for my family. Yes, it is annoying for them.

I have been using Instacart for shopping and only recently began going into the stores myself. I’m not sure if it is like this for you, but I still cannot find some of my favorite items.

Just as we were rounding a corner at the back of the store, I spied something I had not found in the refrigerated section in a long time: our favorite sandwich pickles. We are a picky, pickle-loving family, and I was excited.

It does not take much folks — just saying.

With me not realizing that my zeal was noticed by those around me, the girls — after we left the store and were in the car coming home — burst out laughing.

“Throwback to that moment when mom frightened children running to her pickles at Publix,” my oldest daughter said. Of course, daughter No. 2 and my loving husband all joined in poking fun at my expense.

Good thing I can laugh at myself. In this family, you must have thick skin, or your feelings would be hurt all the time.

“But girls, we still couldn’t find that rice we love or my favorite potato chips,” I said in my defense.

“Yeah, but you got your pickles, honey,” Ken doll hubby said while laughing at me.

I just smiled at him, thinking, “That’s why Ken dolls don’t and should never talk.”

If you’re reading this thinking what an entitled Brentwood Barbie she must be, yes, it is true. But there is a point.

My point to this story is more about finding small things to laugh about. Our world is so serious right now. Everyone is offended somehow, and angry. We need our sense of humor these days.

Last week, for the first time since March 5, I was reunited with three girlfriends. We met at Smith Park and sat in lawn chairs at the pavilion laughing over stories of spouses, kids and life over these past few months. Being with these girls that I love to pieces felt as if a weight was removed from me.

We each agreed to meet up again, as the backdrop of Smith Park is simply gorgeous this time of year.

Last week, I wrote about finding ways to be thankful and enjoying the season we are in. Fall has arrived — if you can get outside with friends and loved ones, now is the time to do it.

Maybe reading this made you smile. If so, thanks for reading and keep finding ways to laugh.


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