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Commentary: It sure helps to know that God is with us at all times

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Columnist Joyce Smith

Columnist Joyce Smith

Thought for the week: God always keeps his promises. Remembering his faithfulness in the past can give you peace for today and hope for tomorrow. So, turn your worries over to God. He can handle them and he will.

It has been weeks since I have written my column, but that is just the way the calendar fell.

There were five Thursdays in December and I write on the second and fourth Thursdays of each month. My last column was published on Christmas Eve, and as you know, so much has happened during this time.

There was the Christmas Day bombing in Nashville, loss of homes of friends and families, loss of friends to the virus and the loss of friends from other illnesses, as well as things I am sure I have missed.

My heart was filled with pride when I listened to so many of the police officers as well as some of the residents who were affected by the bombing when they said “I heard a voice tell me to “turn around.” I know it was God.”

Also, some said, “We had two angels, dressed as police officers, who alerted us to leave.”

I so appreciate those who realize that God is with us no matter what the situation may be.

 Jan. 6 will go down as one of the worst days in the United States.

It was such a stunning and shocking day when the chaos erupted on Capitol Hill. As it was said, it was a sad day in America.

We all know that violence is not how to achieve victory. Our United States stands for democracy. Violence never wins. Freedom wins. Our prayers continue to be with all of our senators and representatives, as well as the officers who were trying to stop the violence.

All of us enjoy receiving gifts on our birthdays, but no one could have been more excited than Brenda Campbell when she received a new grandson born on her birthday.

She and William’s son, Lance and his wife, Alissa, welcomed their fourth child, Alexander Lee, on Dec. 23. He weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces at birth and was 20 inches long. His older brother, Liam, and sisters, Lizzie and Ellie, were glad to get him home so they could hold him. Congratulations to each of them.

We were so sorry to learn of the fire that destroyed Danny and Teresa Anderson’s home over the Christmas holidays. I understand that the only thing that was saved was an angel statue and a cross. (Does that tell us that God is still in control?) 

If you would like to help them, financially, with gift cards, letters, cards, etc., or to just let them know you are thinking of them, you can send a note to them at 502 Braylon Circle, Franklin, 37064. Our prayers are with them as they have to try to remember all the things they have lost.

I want to take this opportunity to wish a dear friend of mine, Martha Pfannenstiel, a happy 80th birthday on Jan. 18. She is the mother of Sherry McMahan and makes her home in Dodge City, Kansas.

Even if you do not know her, I am sure she would love to receive a card as Sherry is not able to be with her. (She was planning a big day for her until COVID-19 took over.) Her address is 2407 Fourth Circle, Dodge City, Kansas, 67801.

Have you seen Margie and John Maher over the holidays? If you have, I hope you noticed the extra smile they both had as they welcomed a new granddaughter on Dec. 18.

Lucy May Grant came into the world weighing 7 pounds, 7 ounces. Her proud parents are Adam and Jennifer Maher Grant. Congratulations to each of the family members.

My deepest sympathy is extended to two of our Franklin Special School District board members who lost one of their parents over the holidays.

Tim Stillings lost his mother, Barbara Ann Stillings, and Robert Blair lost his father, Joseph Lee Blair Jr. Our deepest sympathy is extended to each of these men. Also, to Cindy Cook, in the loss of her father, Ralph Leather.

Russell and I felt so honored this past Friday when friends of LeAnne and Jo-el came to our home to have breakfast with us.

We met them on the Carnival Cruise. They are Edith and Dale Dunn from Oklahoma. They had driven to Nashville to attend all the shows that 2Country4Nashville were playing. They performed Thursday evening at Poncho’s, in Spring, Hill. On Friday and Saturday nights, they opened for Rodney McDowell, in Red Boiling Springs and then on Sunday, they played and sang at the Nashville Palace. It was nice of them to take time from their schedule to visit with us!

So many of our nonprofit organizations have not been able to raise money to help with their finances, so they have tried to go with virtual fundraisers.

One that I am aware of is trying to have a supper club fundraiser each month. That is High Hopes. You can go on its website and see what it is doing each month. Several restaurants are joining in by offering full-course meals, with dessert, with a portion going to High Hopes. Not only do you get a meal, but you also are giving a donation to High Hope, which is tax-deductible. For more information, get in touch with Brandy Blanton at High Hopes.

I looked at the date for my column and realized it would have been the 83rd birthday of my late brother, Ralph Watson. It is hard for me to believe that all six of my brothers as well as my sister, Cleo Cowan, have passed away. I am praying for a better 2021.

So many of our friends have been sick with this COVID-19 as well as undergoing surgeries, etc. Please add to Dwight Lynch your prayer chain.

As I write this (Monday night), he is in the emergency room at Williamson Medical Center.

Also, I just learned that Deborah Irwin is also in the hospital with it, too. Continue to pray for them as well as Joel Pedrick, Brad Ray, Emy Jo Bilbrey, Ken Buettner, Ellen Bogle, Anneal Giles Summar, Lincoln Benefield, Jane Frost, Charles Gore, Dee Lynch, Peggy Lonas, Peggy Fisher, Terry (Kelli) Poteete, Howard Yancy, Jessie and Charlie Bennett, Carol Barnhill, Randy Hickman, Tommy McGuire, Jayne Hornsberger, Nellie Jo Stephens, Joe Johnson, Troy and Jennifer Crutcher, Tom Lawrence, Anita Gillespie, Joan Cox and Denise Alexander, as well as others.

I apologize if I left off someone. Prayers are with all.

So many of our friends and loved ones have passed away since I last wrote.

My class, Bethesda Class of ’54 lost a classmate and the wife of another classmate. My classmate, Eugene Bagsby, and Ann Reed, wife of Aaron Reed, both passed away during this time. Also, Katie Reed, wife of Leon and sister-in-law of Aaron’s had graveside services on the same day.

Our sympathies go to each of these families as well as the families of Peggy Webb Robinson, Paul Sewell, Lorene Cathey, Judith Johnson Sweeney, “Bubba” White Jr., “Flookie” Buford, Thomas Ray Moran Jr., Barbara Stillings, Patti Parsons, Bill Cherry, Joanne Ashby Guiton, Joseph Blair Jr., Nelda Ruth Brown Allen, Wallace Ray Clary, Elaine Wood Norrick, Bobby Morel, Becky Osteen, Melissa Tyler, Wander Garner Farmer, Jerry Lane, who is the father of Cynthia Lane Key, as well as others whom I am sure I have overlooked.

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