Carole Robinson, a community resource for all, honored at Black Tie Affair

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Congratulations to the Williamson Herald’s very own senior writer Carole Robinson on being recognized with the Communications Award by the African American Heritage Society Saturday night at the Black Tie Affair.

The event held at the Embassy Suites was attended by over 700 people that ranged between local leaders, sponsors and families of descendants. The society does an excellent job of preserving the local African American history of the county and a great job of recognizing those who have contributed to the preservation.

I greatly appreciate that the society recognizes the local media for the work we do. In this day and age, it seems the media does not get a lot of appreciation, but this is what makes our community so great.

I was honored when I was recognized with the Communications Award two years ago, but always felt like it should go to the staff as whole, not to me. 

Carole Robinson is very deserving of this award  because she has been a driving force in covering the African American community for the past 11-plus years as a senior writer for the Herald. She is the one going out and meeting the families, spending time with them, getting to know them and learning about their history. 

Carole takes a personal interest in the people she writes about, and it shows through her stories. I have made the mistake before of asking Carole to cut her word count on a feature story and she politely lets me know that she needs the space to tell the entire story — she cares that it gets told, in full.

Carole was on the original team that started the Herald in 2005. Before that, she also worked at the Fairview Observer and The Review Appeal.

Her historical knowledge of the county is a true resource for us and the community. 

Just like the African American community and other people she writes about, she cares. 

We need more folks like Carole Robinson telling the local stories in local newspapers.

Thank you, Carole, on a job well done!

Derby Jones is the publisher of the Williamson Herald.

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Lauren Houghton

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