The Wag: This happy dog puts four paws up to spring

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Puppy Stout, Columnist

Puppy Stout brings his column, The Wag, to the Williamson Herald from The Tennessean where it has appeared for well over a decade. We are delighted to welcome Pup. He will regale you with his adventures in his own voice. His mom, Vicki Stout, helps him paw the keyboard at times, but it IS Puppy Stout doing the talking, aka barking.

OMD, (oh my dog), spring is finally arriving, and I could not be happier. It has been a long cold winter. Truthfully, I don’t mind the cold so much, but Mom does.  She whines all winter long every time we go for a walk.

Thankfully, though, no snow or ice this winter. We have three 25 pound bags of salt for ice in the trunk of our car. We were prepared. Mom says she’s not taking it out until May, just to be sure.

The bright side of spring, of course, is more BDW’s (big dog walks). And, more trips to the dog park. We didn’t go at all this winter because Mom so hates the cold. In case you don’t know, Williamson County has 10 or so dog parks!

It’s so much fun to go play with other dogs and run off leash. The parks are located in all areas of the county from Franklin to Brentwood to Thompson’s Station to Nolensville.  You can have your humans Google to see all the locations.

One of my favorites is K-9 Coral at Harlinsdale Park in Franklin. The entire park is beautiful. The designated area for dogs is just great. Even if you have a big fenced in yard of your own, it’s still fun to go to the dog parks. You make new friends and see old ones.

The downside to spring is allergies for humans and dogs alike. I’ve had ear problems from allergies. Dr. Blake Malone at Animalia Health and Wellness in Franklin prescribed ointment that cleared it up right away.

My doggie cousin, Maizie Grace Creed, is having a tough time with allergies, too. Her eyes water and her tummy gets all red and itchy. She’s on meds, too.

Mattie and the Washing Machine

My doggie sister, Mattie, is unaffected by allergies. But OMD, that dog goes bananas when Mom does laundry. She is absolutely terrified of the washing machine sounds.  She is absolutely frantic from the minute the washer starts until 10 minutes after it’s finished.

It’s a constant struggle to keep clothes clean at our house. Mom has been getting up in the middle of the night to do laundry, but now Mattie wakes up and goes nuts. Mom says Mattie needs to go see Dr. Malone and get something for anxiety. She’s a bit undone by storms (and this is the season of course), but nothing like the washer.

Anyway you slice it, Mattie is problematic.  

Bunny Season

It’s bunny season, and I so wish I could chase them like I used to when I was a younger dog. I led Mom on many a wild fling in those days. I would catch a scent, bolt, pull the leash out of Mom’s hands and head out after the bunnies.

They are fast creatures. I never did catch one and wouldn’t have known what to do if I had. The fun was all in the chase.

Enjoy the spring sunshine and maybe I’ll see you at a dog park soon.

Wags and woofs,


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