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Letter to the Editor: Brentwood pastor denounces Blackburn

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To the editor,

I am disgusted with Sen. Marsha Blackburn.  

Just to remind her, she is about to say these words again, likely with her hand on a Bible: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States.” 

Now I hear the senator plans to challenge of the legitimacy of November’s election. After 60-plus failed court actions. After no verifiable evidence has been presented other than the fact that President-elect Biden won.

As a pastor, I am calling Sen. Blackburn out. To whom is her fealty? To God, or to her own best interest? To the oath she takes, or to her own best interest? 

How dare she put her hand on the just word of God, knowing of her planned hypocrisy. How dare the senator hide behind the Gospel of Christ only to lie. How dare she call herself a disciple of Christ and sit back while soon to be 300,000 people have died due to this administration’s ineptitude.

I am disgusted. My prayers remain that the Spirit will pour light into the senator’s closed mind and the warmth of love into her so very cold heart.

Dave Gerber


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