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Letter to the Editor: Brentwood resident slams Blackburn’s voting record

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To the editor,

Sen. Blackburn, I have been a resident of Williamson County for 16 years and have watched your political career since 2003 as District 7’s congressional representative.

Your recent no vote on Pete Buttigieg’s confirmation to lead the Department of Transportation is the pinnacle of your “do the least” for Tennesseans. 

Former Gov. Bill Haslam announced a 10-year, $10.5 billion transportation infrastructure plan in 2017. It has been four years and Tennessee is still waiting for this plan that would fund 962 Tennessee transportation projects.

Every Tennessean for whom you work for uses transportation in some form, whether it’s roadways, bridges, buses, planes or bike paths. In your own backyard, Williamson County has proposed a forward-thinking regional transportation plan that takes into account the 130% projected growth over the next 25 years.

Traffic congestion is getting worse, and the amount of cars on the road is detrimental to our beautiful green hillsides. We need federal funding to move forward with these projects. 

You have voted against the annual fiscal budget four times since becoming a senator in 2018. Every year you have said no to federal funds that could and should fund our state Department of Transportation. You have missed 16.2% of the Senate votes, making you the 10th most absent member of the senate.

You aren’t spending time with voters, so where have you been?

You, along with Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. Josh Hawley, Sen. Tommy Tuberville, Sen. Rick Scott and Sen. Roger Marshall, voted no on Buttigieg’s confirmation. They are five of the eight senators who voted no on certifying the 2020 election on Jan. 6, the same day police officer Brian Sicknick was killed in riots at the U.S. Capital.

To this day, you have yet to publicly acknowledge President Biden yet made baseless claims of a tainted election.

It wasn’t until after the Capitol riot that you tweeted, “I will vote in support of certifying the Electoral College results.” Up until the evening of Jan. 6, you were set to object to the election results.

Did it take the murder of a police officer for you to do the right thing? 

I would invite you to hold a town hall to explain why you voted no to a qualified, intelligent and forward-thinking cabinet member. Then explain to Tennessee voters what evidence you have of voter fraud.

But since you have ignored repeated attempts by local media to explain your no votes, I doubt that will ever happen.  

With deepest regret,

Kristi Passeri


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