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Letter to the Editor: Franklin’s city leaders take step in wrong direction

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To the editor: 

The city of Franklin did a great disservice to the people by passing ordinance 2019-19 concerning public expression events.  

The First Amendment is clear on our rights as citizens, and many court cases have already been decided concerning what is and what is not protected under free speech. 

When a city passes a law, it is more than likely to put restrictions on matters, such as this ordinance has, instead of granting more freedoms. The mayor and aldermen who voted in favor of this ordinance made it clear that they are more concerned with protecting government instead of the rights of the people. 

Requiring the people to give notice before they exercise their right under the First Amendment is the type of thing our Founding Fathers fought against over two centuries ago. When the government begins to take away freedoms, we know where this eventually leads. Simply take a look at other countries in past and present times.  

While this may seem like a simple ordinance to some, taking away freedom from the people starts small until it is eventually gone. Who’s to say whether or not the city may want to amend this ordinance to put more restrictions, like requiring a permit for even smaller groups of people, until our right to freely speak is gone entirely. 

Next year, four of the aldermen are up for reelection. It’s time we exercise our right to vote and bring the right change to the city of Franklin. 

Kirk Thompson 


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Thank you Kirk for taking the time to write this. I could not agree more.


Yeah, well.. the Supreme Court disagrees with you on this as they have ruled that it is Constitutionally permissible to require a permit for a public assembly. I assume that you also hold such strong convictions for the Second Amendment as well?


I also could not agree more... it’s a very steep, short and slippery slope

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