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Letter to the Editor: Jones not alone regarding view on guns, latest shootings

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To the editor, 

I don’t know Cassie Jones, and she doesn’t know me, but I have not an adequate vocabulary to express my admiration and thanks for her courageous opinion published in the Sept. 5 edition of the Herald.  

These mass killings are not political, have nothing to do with politics. It’s simply a matter of sane and sensible regulations of weapons of mass destruction and murder. We have something called the NRA, which was once a reputable association for sensible gun ownership. Now, Bill Moyers describes this entity best: They are merchants of death.  

I think Moyers’ use of the word “merchants” is far too respectable. They are pimps for the purveyors of death.  

And, new normal? Nothing about this is normal, nor ever will it be. And, like Cassie Jones, I am unwilling to accept this, too. 

Robert Coleman 


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