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Letter to the Editor: Last week’s letters, column miss mark

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To the Editor, 

In Thursday’s Herald, one commentary and two letters to the editor appeared, the latter taking to task previous commentaries from Dr. Lucas Boyd and William Carter, and talking about accurate sources, among other things. 

Lawdy, lawdy, Senator [Marsha] Blackburn must have had her Marjorie Taylor Greene blue jeans on! Somebody’s daughter said she was ashamed to be white. I’m not ashamed to be white, but I am ashamed of how my race has treated our Black citizens for centuries, and still do. She also said in some classrooms in Oregon and California, students operate under the understanding that “finding the right answer” in mathematics is racist. Can this be true? Are there any Oregonians or Californians out there who can verify this?  

A Williamson County mom had to put her 7-year-old daughter in therapy because of being taught CRT. I didn’t know Williamson County was teaching this. Are they? Then, Gov. Bill Lee signed a bill banning CRT in our schools. He must be really proud to sign a law preventing our teachers from teaching the truth.  

Also, the reference to Medicare extensions in Tennessee was raised. It wasn’t Medicare, but Medicaid. I recall a poll saying Tennesseans favored this by 63-66%, as did former Governor Bill Haslam. 

Our legislators were said to equate to Nazis and are ideologues. They are pretty bad — Nazis might be a bit harsh — but Nazis were authoritarian ideologues run amok and led by a crazed demagogue. Sound familiar? And, while we’re on the legislature, whatever happened to some good, bipartisan ones that worked for all Tennesseans? I remember Democrats and Republicans coming together to remove a Democratic governor before his term ended and installing a newly elected Republican.  

Then, recently, we made national news again, but not the kind we want. … This time, they pushed out the top vaccine official and stopped the outreach for routine vaccines. Have they gone mad, when we sit at 38.2% COVID vaccinations and states like Vermont show 66.3%, Massachusetts 62.3% and Maine 62.3%?  

Then, Governor Lee proudly said we’d be safer if everyone could carry a handgun without a permit. How could he (or any governor) have the temerity to stand and say that? Wonder where we now stand with about 19 states we had reciprocal agreements with, plus 18 more that recognized Tennessee permits? Did the wizards who drew up this bill consider this? 

A man met a family at Disneyland and another gentleman at a gym. Both were Black, and they had very friendly and cordial conversations, but he talked about wearing guilt from the past damaging our country. It’s not the past that’s damaging things. It’s the present. Faulkner put it best: “The past is never dead, it’s not even past.” 

Bob Coleman 


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