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Letter to the Editor: Let’s invite students to devise new, improved county seal

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To the editor,

There is a stirring in Williamson County and across the world as we work to understand racism and mourn the deaths of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. 

As a leading community, we must implement lasting change. 

In 1968, 103 years after the Civil War ended, Williamson County adopted its county seal, which features a Confederate flag in the upper left-hand corner. The flag’s presence honors the Confederacy, which lost the war and the Battle of Franklin, and it needs to go.

As companies, churches and universities occasionally update their logos to show a renewed vision, purpose or mission, Williamson County should update its county seal.

One option we propose — through a coordinated effort with County Mayor Rogers Anderson, the County Commission and the Williamson County and Franklin Special school districts — is to have local students design a new seal for the county in the upcoming school year.

School administrators can select their school’s winner and submit them to the County Commission, which could select five finalists. The five finalists and the winning design can be announced at the County Commission’s October meeting as we commemorate the founding of our county.

The student with the winning design would then work with the County Commission, county administrators and a Williamson County-based graphic designer to finalize the design before introducing it in a special ceremony at the County Commission’s November meeting.

While we are waiting for hearts and minds to change, we also need to change some tangible things, too.

Lamont Turner

Dustin Koctar


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