Letter to the Editor: Residents must have voice in regard to proposed ordinance

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To the editor,

There is significant talk about the proposed ordinance concerning public gatherings and expression events in Franklin. I understand the city’s concern for public safety in relation to potential protests; however, the city must write this ordinance in a way that protects and respects the rights of the citizens.

I believe the ordinance lacks important language for the benefit of the citizens. As written, it gives the impression that its passage would merely benefit the city, not the community to easily exercise its rights. Our city leaders must make every effort to ensure the very freedoms that our Founding Fathers envisioned remain intact. With our city being named after Benjamin Franklin, we must set the example that while maintaining public safety, we can also enable our community to express concerns publicly and collectively without regress.

I encourage every citizen to contact the mayor and aldermen with their concerns related to this proposed ordinance and attend upcoming meetings to publicly express those concerns. If we do not make our concerns known publicly, ordinances such as the way this one is currently written, can increasingly limit our ability to stand together and make a difference.

Standing together to maintain a limited government that is for the people and by the people is why we must always voice our concerns and let our elected officials know what we expect as citizens.

I’ll leave you with a simple statement: “If no one says anything, who will hear?” 

Kirk Thompson

Concerned resident of Franklin

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