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Letter to the Editor: Slavery was just tipping point in stand against Northern aggression

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To the editor,

The recent action to rename the mascot at Franklin High School as well as concerns about the Confederate statue and Williamson County’s seal result from misunderstood conceptions about what Southerners are honoring.

To the uninformed, the only reason the War Between the States was fought was to end slavery. Slavery was certainly the hot tipping point embedded in issues in 1860. Issues related to trade with other countries, different opinions about the purpose of a union, authority of government and application of majority rule were all reasons why the South wanted to leave the union.

Contrary to current beliefs, a large majority of the Confederate soldiers did not own slaves and would not have endured unbelievable hardships if the only reason was to allow a rich man to continue to keep slaves. Their states had joined the union of their own free will and could leave it just as easily, in their opinion.

Slavery was wrong, and no Southerner today would support it. We do not honor Confederates because of the slavery issue, we honor them because they stood up against Northern aggression and believe in a strong states’ rights republic form of government, as they did.

Also, the repression and mistreatment of citizens of the South during the so called “reconstruction” years is not commonly known and, therefore, not understood as a reason to honor those who struggled to try to keep that from happening.

It is time to stop ignoring history and start considering that there are other sides to the story.

William Fritz


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What it's really time to do, is stop parroting propaganda written by the Daughters of the Confederacy. You may have been taught that the Civil War was fought over "states rights", not over slavery. This is false. It has been disproven. If you don't believe me (and you SHOULD NOT, please don't believe everything you read!), please just do a quick google. Here's the top result:

Or perhaps you can just trust the words of Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, who said in his second inaugural address, "One eighth of the whole population were colored slaves not distributed generally over the union but localized in the southern part of it. These slaves constituted a peculiar and powerful interest. All knew that this interest was somehow the cause of the war." You can read the full transcript of this address here:


Sorry, I had to laugh out loud at the previous comment recommending a "quick Google" result of WashPo for anything remotely resembling an unbiased treatment of controversial topics. Quick Google searches on such topics will be heavily weighted in favor of the established narrative, and against anything contrary. And Mr. Fritz is not claiming that slavery wasn't an important factor in the war, just not the only one. Naturally, Lincoln's quotes were going to be geared toward justifying the invasion of the South and motivating his troops. But the fact remains, whether the official narrative dutifully spun by the northern publishing companies since the War Between the States wants to admit it, the States did have the right to secede, just as we did from England. The fact remains that free Blacks fought for the South and North alike. Just another indicator that there's more to this topic than meets the eye, and is generally taught by schools and media.

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