Letter to the Editor: Stop treating immigrant families, minors as political pawns

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It’s never too late to try to do some good. 

I urge Sen. Lamar Alexander, Sen. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Mark Green, as representatives of areas that have large immigrant populations, to stand in solidarity with those who are caught in the crisis at our border. 

As an area that consistently claims to be pro-life, it is consistent with your constituents’ beliefs to ensure that all people that come to this country, regardless of documentation or status, are treated fairly, with respect, and have their dignity upheld— especially those of children. 

Sens. Alexander and Blackburn and Rep. Green must use their power to end the detention of minors, the separation of families and the use of the poor and vulnerable as pawns in this political game. Children have died and will continue do so unless my elected officials use their power to insist that we change our policies and practices on our southern border.

Natalie Alfaro Frazier

Franklin, Natalielynnalfaro@gmail.com 

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Fix the wreck mexico is we cant stop them from killing there kids on the way here


They just found 40 bags in a well in mexico with 30 people in them watch who you let in rhey drag those kids from a dangerous place here then we help them if your in a wreck and get immediately to vandy you still might not make it theres already to many non aclimated people here i was at the lake earlier it was a circus one boat almost ran over a fisherman flying around a no wake zone every time he tried and missed his trailer on the boat ramp hed fly around the cove in a caban cruzer then after loaded it was on a fender burning the tires and instead of backing it back in the watter to get it on right drive off with tires squealing and smoking had several in the boat by the way 2 more boats using the dock for a boat party dock instead of launching and loading one slipped drunk and knocked himself out after pulling the boat out meanwhile the law abiding fishermen were waiting to get in to load there boats a guy fishing there said its like that every weekend they arnt adjusting there turning Antioch into mexico why dosnt anyone want to fix mexico that for sone ewason isnt liveable and is worth escaping but safe enough you just leave the door open for them whitch is it .the only reason you dont care is if you arnt living in there neighborhoods,they dont follow our laws or care.i agree love and help the people but were just swamped life boats and noone will make it if you keep flooding us with to many people that love mexico more than the place that feeds them

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