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Letter to the Editor: Ugly name-calling spoils efforts to achieve civility

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To the editor:

I keep reading letters to the editor that are searching for civility yet are written in an uncivil manner. 

Don’t point a finger at other people when your behavior is the same. Words such as “liar,” “hypocrite,” “closed-minded” and “cold-hearted” aren’t civil words in my world. Yet these are the words used by Dave Gerber in referring to Marsha Blackburn. Pastor Dave Gerber, I might add.

Pastor Gerber espouses the Gospel of Christ in his letter, yet I find these words very un-Christlike. He also expresses his opinion as if fact.

In “no verifiable evidence” of fraud, he obviously has not been watching or listening to what I watch and listen to. Oh, the main-stream media? Which after three years of investigation of Russian collusion, the Mueller conclusion was “no verifiable evidence.”

And in “the administration’s ineptitude” in 300,000 deaths, I assume he is referring to the governors of New Jersey and New York, which have by far the highest death rates in the country. It is fact that Gov Andrew Cuomo of New York took the elderly out of the hospitals and placed them in nursing homes for “care,” yet it is widely reported that 40 percent of deaths in the U.S. have occurred in nursing homes.

Agree/disagree with others, but let’s try to refrain from name-calling.

Randy Johnson

Spring Hill

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